Cozy Winter home decor tips you have to check out

Temperatures are dropping and before you know it, we will begin to bundle up in layers of knits and blanket scarves to face the cold weather, but what about the inside of our home? Sure, we have heating to preserve a warm temperature, but how do you make it cozier so you can feel warm inside too?

I found a few ideas I intend to apply as soon as the cold kicks in and I hope you will feel inspired to do so too!


Blankets are by default, items that scream coziness, so it is natural to bundle up in one while reading your favorite book or watching a movie, the awesome part is that you can have more than one in any room and if you just leave them there, waiting for you to use them once you enter the room, you immediately feel the urge to do just that. Don’t tidy up, just let it invite you to pick it up.

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Everywhere and anytime you can, light up a few candles and dim the lights and you will immediately be transported in a dream land. If they are scented, even better! Candles have this fascinating ability to bring up nostalgia to any room, maybe because it reminds us of how people used them regularly before electricity was discovered.

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Winter is coming, which means that you must add extra layers and volume to keep you warm during the night.

Therefor, upgrading your bedding for the cold season is mandatory. I for one, when I am thinking about fluffy blankets and pillows, already feels me up with warmth inside. It feels so good to cover up in softness, don’t you agree?

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One of my guilty pleasures is to collect decorative pillows. There is no such thing as too many, although, space-wise, it’s not exactly practical; however, for the cold season, bring them all out and decorate your living room and bedroom to your heart’s content. You can choose a style for each room, but try to use more than one color to create diversity and attract attention.

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