Christmas present ideas for avid gardeners

It can be tricky to find the perfect present at Christmas. The best gifts are thoughtful and tailored to each of your loved ones. Think about your friend’s hobbies and what they would like to receive as a gift. If they enjoy painting, you could book tickets for a life drawing class together. If they don’t have that many hobbies, look towards their general interests instead. They might love skincare and makeup or homeware. Take some time to think about your gift before panicking and buying a scented candle with a pair of socks.

If your friend is an avid gardener, here are a few Christmas present ideas for them.

Warm and waterproof clothing

Gardening in the winter season can be cold and wet. You could buy your friend or family member a woolly hat or thermal set to go under their gardening clothes. Look at gardening gloves and scarves to keep them toasty warm all winter long. Unfortunately, the garden needs to be maintained even in the depths of winter. Kit your friend out with the best gardening clothing so they can keep their plants looking beautiful all year round.

Unique plant pots

Plants can add character and colour to your interior and exterior spaces. These days, many people live in high-rise apartments with little outdoor space. You can still love gardening, even if you don’t have much of a garden per se. Get your friend a unique plant pot to house their favourite indoor or outdoor plant. You could even make your own pot at a pottery class.

If they have a balcony or terrace, get them a few hanging baskets to decorate. They can fill them with their favourite plants and watch them blossom throughout the spring. Or pair the hanging baskets with some seeds so they can grow their own plants from scratch.

Photo by Huy Phan on Unsplash

Gardening accessories

Every gardener needs a practical watering can to keep their shrubs healthy. Have a browse for some gardening accessories for your friend or relative, such as gardening gloves, a tool belt or trendy outdoor lights. You could also buy polytunnel accessories or a few things to spruce up their growing spaces.

Photo by Jonathan Kemper on Unsplash

New set of gardening tools

If they have just started out in gardening, you could buy them some essential gardening tools. A hand trowel, fork, spade and pair of secateurs should come in handy. Make sure to double-check what they already have before buying anything new, or consider what may be an upgrade to their existing tool kit.


Composting can benefit the entire garden. It enriches the soil and reduces the need for chemical fertilisers. Buy your loved one a compost bin so they can make their very own compost. It may not be all that glamourous – but it’s very useful and will support their gardening efforts for many years to come.

Photo by Neslihan Gunaydin on Unsplash

Cover photo by Amy Chen on Unsplash

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