5 Christmas trends for this year’s Christmas tree

Almost one month before Christmas and we are already thinking about our dreamy Christmas tree. From traditional shades to delicious new ones, check out top 5 new Christmas trends for this year’s Christmas tree:

1. Glossy in gold and silver Christmas Tree

Metallic colors rock the Christmas of 2021 and even a gold and silver color match is now a great idea. If you love a glam style and you want a shiny Christmas tree, then this is the perfect idea for you. Mix and match metallic shades and create a Christmas tree corner that will stand out in a glam or elegant home and even in a simple or neutral one.

Moreover, this is the chicest trend for a dreamy Winter Wonderland, these shades will work wonders in an all white Christmas themed space and will work wonders with white deco elements and Christmas decorations.


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2. Navy Christmas tree 

Since classic blue is still a must-have shade in home decor trends, the blue and white idea for a Christmas tree is going to be a very popular option for 2021. This trend is chic and elegant and its also pretty timeless so you can invest in navy colored holiday ornaments without getting bored of them in the years to come.

Top 6 New Christmas trends for this year's Christmas tree


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3. Pastel Christmas tree look

Hello sweets now in our dreamy Christmas tree! Get inspired by delicious pastels in decorating your 2021 tree and get a stylish, romantic and absolutely adorable Christmas look that will work wonders in a colorful and happy home. You Christmas corner will look like Santa’s workshop and this yummy looking tree will go great with a candy bar surprise you can prepare for the holidays. This look is super fresh and also the most fashionable idea you can come up with this season!

Top 6 New Christmas trends for this year's Christmas tree

Top 6 New Christmas trends for this year's Christmas tree

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4. Nature inspiration and Earthy shades

One of the most stylish, elegant and versatile Christmas tree idea is definitely the neutral Xmas tree that can have also some glam touches. Choose an Earthy color scheme along with neutrals and decorate your tree with nature inspired decorations that will bring it closer to its forest roots. To make it more fancy and elegant decorate it with golden and ivory deco elements like a dreamy satin bow. This trend is ideal for people who love simplicity in home design rather than excessive opulence.

Top 6 New Christmas trends for this year's Christmas tree

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5. Book Christmas tree

Every new year makes us want a more creative and atypical Christmas tree. And since 2012 is all about creativity, you can have an atypical Christmas tree which will me your own cool idea. You can make a Christmas tree out of anything: chic books, a cool ladder, wooden shelves, dreamy branches and flowers so start getting creative and make the Christmas tree corner the coolest one in your home.

Top 6 New Christmas trends for this year's Christmas tree

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