8 Winter themed products we love at H&M Home

Winter is soon to come so we should start making out home super cozy and winter themes. Check out 8 Winter themed items we love at H&M Home in November:

 1. Pampering days

Cold days equal warm baths and the perfect pampering opportunities. So, make your bathroom space a small SPA and get scented candles, body brushes and your favorite drink. Check out this body brush here.

2. The cozy looking duvet set

Cozy and soft, made of cotton, this duvet set will transform your bed into the perfect cold season nook. Shop it here and match it with nature inspired deco elements.

3. The chic mug

All cold days need their perfect ally – a warm drink served in a chic mug with abstract art. It has two looks so you won’t get tired of this mug really fast. Take a look at it here.

4. Scented candle with lid

Winters are perfect in an all white home decor scenario and a candle in the snow shade will be ideal, especially a scented one that will bring a cozy vibe in your home. Check it out here.

5. The stylish stoneware vase

Vases are essential in any season, but for the cold season we love them with white flowers or three branches. This stoneware vase will look amazing with both options so take a look at it here.

6. The cool plant pot

Get creative with tiny home plants and create a miniature garden in your home or a one with condiments for the kitchen space. Shop this cool plant pot made of ceramic here.

7. The stoneware serving dish

Make the most of the days spent at home and create gorgeous table setups inspired by the holidays. Black, green and red go great together so check out these black serving dishes right here.

8. The glass cake stand

The cold days spent at home are the perfect baking opportunity to have fun and learn delicious recipes. Make sweets and enjoy cozy days at home and then arrange your dreamy cakes on this chic stand. Buy it here.


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