5 Kitchen backsplash tile ideas for 2022

When it comes to your kitchen backsplash tile ideas you can either go minimal or crazy creative, as long as it is in accordance to your style. With so many options available, it can be hard to choose from, as with everything else when it comes to decorating, however I have selected a few tile backsplash ideas from which you can inspire and develop your own personal idea from here.

  1. Duochrome Abstract Tiles

You can never go wrong with black and white, it is a classic mix, but you can get creative and choose a more colorful theme, but in any case, a backsplash with a motif like this one really stands out even in black and white, so it will be best if one of the colors will match with the kitchen furniture while the other compliments it. In this case, there is a harmony in color and style as well.

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2. Geometric Kitchen Backlash Tiles

If you look in detail, you will almost find that none of the colors in this pattern repeat themselves, so basically, apart from the shape and size of the tile, it actually does not have a specific pattern. The way the colors are selected in shadows and highlights, create a 3D effect and this idea of an unfinished pattern, creates movement which adds a modern vibe to any room. The way the colors match the island and the countertops is very well thought as well.

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3. Mediterranean tiles

Another classic among the lovers of abstract patterns are the Mediterranean kitchen tiles, whether they are inspired from Sicily, Portugal, Greece, or Morocco, these tiles have the most beautiful patterns in various shapes and colors which you can mix to create a pattern of your own like in the first photo, or mix it together with various other materials, like bricks and marble for a more dynamic vibe.

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4. Take a Minimalistic approach

For those who prefer a more clean and simple aesthetic, there is the option of kitchen monochromatic colors in simple shapes, like hexagon tiles, square, rectangular or scallop tiles, which can go very well with decadent modern pieces or even plain rustic designs.

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5. Model kitchen backlash tile ideas

This is quite a bold approach, it looks unique and custom made, but if you really want to create a special home where nothing is ever plain, you could take the effort to invest in creating a special pattern which creates movement and wonder. You can take inspiration from plants, birds or flowers and turn your kitchen into a little corner of nature. Similar like a wallpaper, except made from tiles.

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