5 Dreamy ways to use custom wallpaper in your home

Custom wallpaper is one of stars of the new home interior trends of 2022, so go and personalize your home with this super creative trend that can easily change the look of a single room or your entire home!

We know that you cherish a lot your own ideas so we want to tell you that you can also create your own wallpaper on  https://www.photowall.co.uk/custom-wallpaper if you want to. It’s super easy: all you have to do is upload a photo and choose the measurements you need for it. So, if you’re planning in picking wallpaper for your home or going for a custom wallpaper design, here are 5 dreamy ways to use custom wallpaper in your home:

1. Make a room stand out with custom wallpaper

The main role of a wallpaper is making a room pop out and, most especially, making your furniture and deco elements stand out in the room. So, if you have a simple, minimal or neutral room just add a wallpaper to the entire room or on one single wall and make everything really stand out. Choose an image that inspires you or that defines your personality, go with one that has an unexpected twist or go with an image that can capture the style of the room.


2. Give a room the idea your living in the nature

The new trends focus a lot on nature and that’s because we feel more and more the need to be closer to nature or in the middle of it. We choose nature inspired furniture, decor elements and fabrics so why not choose a dreamy wallpaper that will make us feel like living in the nature? Choose a wild jungle, a gorgeous forest or a field full of flowers for your custom wallpaper and make a room your own nature oasis where you can relax after a hard day of your work.

5 Dreamy ways to use custom wallpaper in your home

3. Set the mood in your bedroom

The bedroom has to be that special place in our home where we can day dream, rest and have a good nights sleep. Your wallpaper has to set the mood of this space, dictate a style or tell a story. Go romantic with a special wallpaper, add on some mystery vibes with a dark custom wallpaper or start dreaming with a wallpaper with a starry night. There are a lot of ideas when it comes to the bedroom space so make the perfect custom wallpaper that captures your spirit, wishes and things that make you dream.

5 Dreamy ways to use custom wallpaper in your home

4. Create an original bathroom space

The most popular room you can use wallpaper in right now is definitely the bathroom. The unexpected feeling of having wallpaper in this room is what makes it really fantastic so start getting creative and make one for this dreamy and relaxing room. A very popular idea for this space is the botanical or underwater theme – choose a botanical themed image in green shades with different elements that work great together.

This kind of wallpaper goes great in a Scandinavian looking bathroom or one with lots of golden elements. Another cool idea is to go with a glam print you love if you want a luxury looking bathroom or emphasise on the calm vibe the bathroom has and choose a pastel wallpaper with relaxing looking elements like clouds.

Moreover, a fun idea for the bathroom space is a custom wallpaper you can add to divide the shower area. A great choice for this space is picking a wallpaper that looks like a mineral or gemstone and will create a glam and trendy vibe in this dreamy space.

5. Creative nursery wallpaper

When designing your kids nursery you have to let your imagination run free and create a living fairy tale for your kid. You can choose an explorer theme, a nursery that looks like a jungle, one with tons of animals or with princesses and one with dreamy cloud or your favorite cartoon or literature characters.

We’re sure you have plenty ideas, so the best thing to do is to choose a custom wallpaper that will capture all your ideas into one statement wall that will fascinate the baby and it will give him one the first important memories.

5 Dreamy ways to use custom wallpaper in your home

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