10 Dreamy ways to make the ideal hygge bedroom

Meaning coziness, comfort, and contentment, the hygge spirit was invented by the Scandinavian culture to create dreamy spaces, making our home jut perfect and happy. These lovely home qualities go perfectly for the bedroom space, so here are 10 dreamy ways to make the ideal hygge bedroom:

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1. Add dreamy lights on your bed board

Lights create magic and a happy and cozy space, so pick warm yellow lights for your bedroom space and for a magical vibe, surround your bed board or ceiling with as many lights as you wish.

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2. Create a bed setup full of layers

Layers add that cozy vibe you wish for in your bedroom, especially for your bed. A cozy bed will make you want to really rest and recharge your batteries. So, choose dreamy covers, a lot of throw pillows and comfy sheets and just enjoy your nook!

3. Add texture when choosing your bed layout

Texture adds great contrast and personality to a room, but it also makes your bed looking more cozy! So, choose different textures for your pillows and also pick a cover with a great texture.

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4. Display lovely scented candles on your nightstands or cabinet

Candles always bring a hygge vibe in a room and if you love them, do add them in your bedroom: on your nightstands or on your lovely cabinet. Choose seasonal scents and really enjoy a day in your dreamy bedroom.

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5. Choose dreamy throw pillows

Bringing a lot of comfort and a cozy vibes, throw pillows are a must-have for a hygge inspired bedroom. They also make a bed looking more creative and gorgeous and they can define the style of a room.

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6. Add wooden details

Besides looking very relaxing, wooden details also represent the outdoors brought indoors, a key factor for the hygge style. So, choose wooden frames, mirrors, nightstands or clothing racks and enjoy this warm material in your bedroom space.

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7. Choose a floor rug

Bedroom rugs add comfort and a cozy vibe in your bedroom, letting you walk barefoot. So, choose a texture that’s really comfy and add the rug under or near your bed.

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8. Keep your bedroom clutter free

A clutter free bedroom is a stress free bedroom, therefore a joyful one. So, try to keep it clean every day by doing small things, therefore you won’t risk having clutter all the time. Also, make your bed daily, it will look great and it can give you a good peace of mind.

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9. Choose a neutral color scheme

Neutrals guarantee a calm and relaxing vibe in a room and you will need that if you really want to rest in your bedroom. Having neutrals will make everything look more clean, organized and clutter free, therefore less stressful.

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10. Add items you love

Add contentment in your hygge bedroom by choosing items you love. Make a memorabilia corner on a cabinet or choose a memory board where you can hang pictures, tickets, notes or different kind of memories that bring you joy.

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