Former factory turned into a loft full of natural light

The bright and airy loft in Nacka, Sweden is a former ladder factory. The space still has its industrial characteristics with high windows squared steel columns supporting each volume of the building’s structure as well as dark parquet flooring that contrasts beautifully against these glass ceilings. From one corner there are spectacular views to Lake Järla outside.

The huge open space is perfect for parties or small gatherings.

This is space is spectacular due to it’s former factory history and due to the modern, but minimalist design. The star of the living room area is comfy grey sofa, that looks great with the transparent chairs of the dinning area behind.

The kitchen is the most industrial part of the home, if I may add. It features black and steel elements and a movable kitchen island that you can roll around.

There are lots of plants throughout the open space that simply give the whole apartment a more natural, soft touch.


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