10 Stunning plants to add to your garden

Make your garden a true star which people will love to watch and take photos of. Make it gorgeous and also colorful with lovely plants that bloom, so check out 10 stunning plants to add to your garden:

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1. Roses

Besides the winter season when the ground it’s frozen or summer when the soil is too dry, roses are best planted in the beginning of spring or during fall. These beautiful plants really make your garden stunning and can also be added in a dreamy arcade, blooming from mid spring through fall.

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2. Peonies

These gorgeous plants are best planted in the spring or fall season. When you plant them in spring make sure the cold season is gone and in fall make sure you do it before it starts. As for blooming, these plants bloom at the end of spring and the beginning of summer.

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3. Creeping Jenny

A fast growing plant that looks wonderful and will make your garden looking green and dreamy, Creeping Jenny is best planted in early spring, because it blossoms in the summer time.

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4. Fountain Grass

Looking tropical and calm, Fountain Grass will look wonderful in a summer garden, especially one with a fountain or small space filled with water. Plant it in a space that gets lots of sun and make sure you water the seeds often, they need a moist soil.

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5. Vinca minor

Having a common blue flower in spring, Vinca Minor can also be lavender, purple, or white and can also bloom during summer. It’s easy to care for of and it needs a good drainage system.

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6. Pansy

The best way to plant pansies is in jars. So, choose dreamy terracotta jars for your garden space and add pansies in your favorite color or pick one of each and create a dreamy rainbow in your garden made out of pansies. Choose a fertile soil and make sure you water them often.

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7. Lilac

Plant lilac in late fall or early spring and enjoy its unique beauty during late spring or mid summer. Make sure you leave enough space for them to grow and choose a sunny spot with moist soil.

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8. Monkey grass 

The best time to plant monkey grass is early spring! This plant needs a shady spot and it’s also easy to transplant, growing super fast. You will love its dreamy lavender color which will make your garden even more colorful.

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9. Canna lily

Easy maintenance plants, Canna lilies love a moist soil and a spot with a bit of shade. In terms on planting them, you can choose any spring or summer day.

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10. Bergenia 

This beautiful spring flowers make gardening seem easy and they also love a darker spot. They spread easily and their colors are just dreamy!

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