Transforming Your Basement Into The Perfect Music Room

54% of households in America have someone that plays a musical instrument. With lessons online and specialized apps for learning, music has never been more accessible. When you’re learning at home, it helps to have somewhere dedicated to practice, and the basement is perfect for this as it’s out of the way, and will also be quieter for other members of your household. You could also deck your basement out to be the perfect area for listening to music, and create a great space to dust off the vinyl collection and enjoy some time giving your ears a treat. Your underused basement can become a dedicated space to relax and let music boost your mood and your spirit.

Preparing the basement

Whether you’re transforming your basement into a practice space or a sanctuary for listening to music, it’s important that you prepare the room properly. Basements are prone to damp and mold, which can be extremely damaging to musical instruments and equipment. Adequately waterproofing your basement and the foundations of your home will help to prevent mold and mildew from forming on the walls. A foundation repair consultant can help you to make sure that there are no future issues with moisture. You will then be ready to fit out your music room with some dreamy home décor in a cozy and creative space.

A practice space

The first thing you will need in your music room is somewhere comfortable to sit and play your instrument. If you’re playing guitar, or a more portable instrument, such as the flute or violin, try to make sure that your seating isn’t too low – you still want to be able to maintain a good posture. You will also need some stylish storage to keep your instrument cases, sheet music and fold-down music stand. When you’re decorating, choose a theme for your space – for instance, Art Deco – and then select your furniture and storage solutions based on the theme. In your music room, you can also put some great pictures of your favorite musicians on the walls to inspire you.

A music sanctuary

If you’re transforming your basement into a space to listen to music, then it’s important to have the perfect chair to sit back and relax in. A Charles Eames lounge chair might be out of your budget, but there are plenty of similar designs that have great ergonomics for listening. If you’re storing vinyl or CDs, then it’s important that your storage cupboards have closed doors to prevent the dust from gathering. When you’re setting up speakers, make sure that they’re placed so that the sound fires down the room lengthways. This will give you a good distance between the rear wall and your ears. Choosing a neutral color scheme for your music room will give you a clean canvas for the artwork of your choice.
The basement is the perfect place for a dedicated music room. It can be a great area for learning an instrument, practicing, and listening to music. Indeed, it would be a shame to let such a perfect space go to waste.
Photo by Patricia M. Lachance on Unsplash

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