The Outdoor Décor And Garden Rules To Be Aware Of If You’re Part Of A Homeowners Association 

Decorating your outdoor space and front yard by putting up a fence, mini fountain, or statue is an exciting part of moving into a new home. The usual reason that most residents add decorations is to either beautify their place or so they can engage in leisure activities. However, even though residents own their places, they still have neighbours and a community to consider before putting up outdoor decorations. This is especially true if you are part of a Homeowners Association (HOA), which has rules and regulations to follow, even for outdoor beautification and gardening. Most of these community rules are made by the homeowners association to keep the community looking neat and clean. HOA rules vary from place to place, but these are some of the most common and essential outdoor décor and garden rules that you’ll need to consider.
Limits in lawn decorations
HOAs are springing up across the country, and their number is expected to continue to rise. One notable example is in Charlotte NC, where an increasing number of HOAs are establishing themselves with the aim of bringing a sense of cohesion to communities. An HOA takes pride in making its community look a certain way. To achieve this, they usually provide a rule about limiting the lawn decorations to maintain the a cohesive look within the neighbourhood. Most of the time, furniture and sculptures that are conspicuous enough to change the community’s aesthetic are not allowed.
Maintaining a neat lawn
Aside from limitations on what residents should put on their lawns, an HOA also includes rules to keep the front yards neat and well kept. Typically, there are rules on when and how the residents should cut and water the grass. Having a nice lawn can contribute to the aesthetics of a community, which is why some HOAs can be strict about these matters. Sometimes, the homeowners association will hire a professional to manage the landscape of every household, but this depends on the HOA. If the homeowner’s association decides to hire professionals, residents are informed about this matter before they begin trimming the lawns.
Approval for putting up a fence
There are different styles and designs of fences to choose from, and having so many choices out there can make it difficult to have a cohesive look within a community. This is the reason that HOAs have regulations about putting up fences and hardscaping. A fence could be an essential addition to properties to add safety and enhance aesthetics, but before residents can put up fences, they will need to submit their plans for approval by the HOA. Usually, if the plan that they submit follows the guidelines of HOA, there won’t be any problems with hardscaping.
Backyard garden restrictions
Having a backyard garden is relaxing, especially if you can choose the plants you want to grow. However, some HOAs restrict having a garden, not only for aesthetic purposes, but also for safety, because gardens can be a habitat for wild animals that might be harmful to humans and pets. Meanwhile, other HOAs won’t approve a backyard garden, and may restrict the plants that a household can grow. The HOA will usually prepare a list of the plants that residents can grow, and the recommended space they can occupy for planting.
Always check with your HOA before updating your outdoor space. This way, you won’t waste money on unapproved projects, and you’ll have a HOA-approved backyard or garden that you’ll enjoy for many years.
Photo by Brandon Hoogenboom on Unsplash

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