How To Setup And Use a Mission Style Recliner Chair?

Sofas, couches, settee, futon, recliners, are primarily used for sitting and enjoying a cup of tea or working on your laptop. Recliners are very popular, affordable and stylish. A good book, the rain outside, and the comfiest Recliner, a trinity made in heaven.

Mission Style Recliners are the physical embodiment of the spiritual comfort we wish for. They provide the relaxation and unwinding we need, a break from the robotic routine of our daily lives.

What is a Mission Style Recliner Chair?

Mission Style refers to any furniture with flat, horizontal, or vertical bars of wood. Strong and simple. Its origins lie in the Victorian Era, hence the simplicity of its design and pattern. What makes it distinct is, the armrests are devoid of any cushion/leather/cloth. They are plain wood, and there is no mounting over them.

Mission Style Recliner Chair is quite famous for its old but comfortable frame. It is often preferred by older people but has slowly gained positive reviews even from the younger generation. It has more strength in taking more weight than the modern-day Recliners.

It usually has a leather covering to both its backrest and the seat. The leather gives it an antique and classic look—a smooth reclining ability without any obstructions. The dimensions and weight are also moderate, thus can be handled with ease and relocated from one place to another without any hassle.

The artistry of the inventor is to be admired since even after centuries;

Mission style recliner chair still survive in the race of best recliner chairs against the new and advanced Recliners.

How to Setup a Mission Style Chair?

Recliner Chairs are delivered disassembled to avoid any damage to the chair and also to ease transportation.

When your ordered Mission Style Chair is delivered to you, first and foremost, unpack it carefully. Each part is essential, and even the slightest damage will leave you with a disabled chair.

Read the instructions on the manual next.

This should be followed by a meticulous separation of all the components. This is to differentiate what fits where and can reach the required part immediately when assembling. There will be a total of 7 major parts to it and, of course, the nuts and bolts to fix them altogether.

Once all the screws, bolts, nuts, chair parts are unpacked, you can begin assembling. Given below are the steps that are to be followed in the order of assemblage –

  1. Open the carton with great care.
  2. Remove all the polystyrene (thermocol) and plastic around the components that provide support during its shipment.
  3. Place each part separately for easy access.
  4. Count and check whether all the 7 constituents are present. The 7 constituents are the left side armrest, the right-side armrest, bottom rail, backrest panel, seat panel, seat cushion, and backrest cushion. Additionally, an instruction manual should also be present to aid in understanding and assembling the Mission Style Recliner. In case of any part missing, immediately inform the delivery company and the product manufacturer.
  5. Read the instructions at least twice.
  6. Make either the left side or the right side of the Mission Style Chair stand upright.
  7. Connect the other one (opposite to the one you have selected in the previous step) with the bottom rail. The bottom rail is to give support to both the cushions, the backrest, and the seat. No drilling is required since the parts come with auto-drill or already drilled holes.
  8. The connections are brought about by fixing the individual parts with the help of the screws and bolts that come with the pack.
  9. Next, the back panel, a sleek, flat board, is fixed onto the frame of armrests and bottom rail.
  10. Attaching the back panel is followed by attachment of the seat panel.
  11. After all the 5 parts of the skeleton of the Mission Style Recliner are joined together, only the cushions remain.
  12. The seat cushion is placed first onto the seat and panel, and then the backrest cushion is placed on top of the seat cushion perpendicular to it.
  13. The seat cushion has velcro on its backside, whose corresponding strap is present on the seat panel.
  14. The velcro fixes the seat cushion to the seat panel and keeps it from misplacing the seat cushion due to any movement of the person sitting on it.
  15. Your Mission Style Recliner is ready to use!

For a video reference on how to set up a Mission Style Chair, you can visit the link –

How to Use a Mission Style Recliner?

Since the flat armrests are free from any curves or slippery surfaces, you can keep small objects over them—a glass or a cup, without the fear of spilling over the Mission Style Chair.

Want a cozy and snug spot to watch a romantic movie while it rains outside? Mission Style Chair is the one. A warm blanket, a burning fireplace, and a cup of hot chocolate, and you are set for your movie night.

No worries when putting things heavy over it. The purpose of a flat panel frame is precisely to strengthen the grain of the wood. The wood in the framework is what bears the pressure of anything kept on the seat. Thus, its durability is of utmost significance.

Aching pelvic and knee joints? Mission Style Chair is the answer. Its carving and design make your posture rod straight and relieve you of your upper body’s added pressure and stress. Simultaneously, knees are rested at the right height when sitting on it, hence relieving added pressure and stress of your lower body.

Why Choose a Recliner Chair?

With the advantages and uses listed above, you would be ignorant not to buy such an elegant and high-class Recliner. Mission Style Chair ticks all the boxes of the must-haves list you have and so is the best option for you.

Happy Reclining!

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