5 best college dorms

Moving away from home for the first time is frightening enough on its own, but when combined with a crowded, rank, and dank dorm space that you must share with another person, it’s enough to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm for college life. However, this is not necessarily true-there are a few campuses with dorms that sound more like palaces than haunted shoe boxes.

Several college dorm rooms are so good that anyone would gladly exchange their New York City apartment for one. Therefore, if you’re curious about how students are living on campus these days, we are more than happy to show you the best college dorms. That way, you can relax and finish your homework assignment with rapidessay.

If you’re just starting the college admissions phase, you’ll want to peruse our rundown of the the best and most luxurious college dorms. These are the best of the best in the United States, from ponds and aquariums to a cleaning facility (at least student housing-wise).


Simmons Hall has a ball pit in addition to several lounges, a multi-purpose space with a massive projector screen, and the finest dining hall on campus. Where can we register? That is right, the typical application, and MIT has a 7.81 percent acceptance rate… Therefore, on second consideration, we are going to camp out here at our desk. However, just take a dip in the ball pit for me!

Scripps College

Gabrielle Winkler Hall is a 1920s Mediterranean-style structure that houses many satisfied students. The living room is just as luxurious as a dream home can be, let alone a college campus.

Bryn Mawr College

Gothic and beautiful, but still a little eerie and very, very mature, Bryn Mawr College’s dorms are particularly well-suited for Halloween enthusiasts. Certain rooms retain their original 1800s fireplaces and window chairs, dubbed the “dream research location.”

Oberlin College

Apart from the traditional first-year residence halls, Oberlin provides accommodation opportunities based on neighborhoods and lifestyles. This ranges from houses focused on grammar to houses dependent on good living and identity. It’s much more than a spot to sleep at night, with qualified resident assistants, unique neighborhood creeds and intentions, and orchestrated interactions.


The most popular room in a residence hall at Yale University is definitely Davenport College. The Yale residential college looks similar to Harry Potter’s Hogwart’s buildings. In any case, it is as lovely as it seems and incredibly gothic from the outside.

How to Choose the Right Dorm for You

The Social Atmosphere

Certain dorms are renowned for their sense of culture, while others are notorious for their seclusion. Each alternative has several advantages and disadvantages. Spend some time weighing these and reflecting on the aspects of your home space that you enjoyed the best. Although it could be simpler to meet new people in the more social dorms, getting a private research room may be beneficial.

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 Location of Your Classes

You are not required to reside near the school buildings where the majority of your classes will be held, but bear that distance in mind. If you attend a school that experiences horrible weather or has a huge campus, living a long distance from your classes is a much bigger hassle. Conduct research on the buildings you can visit and factor this into your rating of dorms.

Final Thought

Before deciding on a college, it’s best to check out the campus and the living situation. If you have a friend that goes to a particular college that you are thinking about going, ask him or her if you could spend the weekend with them to see if you like the dorm. If you feel that this is a place you can call home, then prepare to have the best time of your life.

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