6 Wooden kitchen cabinets you will love this season

This year we go back to the roots and we adore everything that reminds us of the peaceful nature. That’s why wooden kitchen cabinets in natural shades are back in style! Check out 6 wooden kitchen cabinets you will love this season:

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1. Painted wood

If you still want a colorful and happy kitchen space, pair natural wooden cabinets, shelves and countertops with painted kitchen cabinets. As for the shades to paint them with, choose happy and warm shades that a make a space looking optimistic and that also look wonderful with greenery. Speaking of, yellow is a great choice for this season.

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2. Modern look

Wooden kitchen cabinets can look amazing and super glam when styled with modern elements. Choose chic tiles to style them with and pair light kitchen cabinets with white marble and darker wooden cabinets with the black model. Match them also with some cool lamps and you will have a futuristic looking kitchen space.

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3. Nature inspiration

Wooden cabinets work the best when styled with other nature inspired elements. Think of the cottage kitchen looks and bring the outdoors indoors with woven and stone deco pieces, fruits, plants and three branches.

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4. The dreamy light wooden kitchen

Light wood is also super popular this season so mix it with white and other light shades to make a space looking calm, relaxing and bright. Add also modern elements in this space like stylish lamps and decorate every empty spot with a dreamy green plant.

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5. Colors and natural wood

If you’re looking for a relaxing kitchen space, natural wood will instantly create that vibe along with an inviting and warm look. Mix light wood with pastel shades and darker wood with darker shades or daring colors to create a space full of light or mystery. Also, for a chic vibe add your favorite flowers in minimal vases.


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6. The farmhouse look

The farmhouse kitchen space gives wood the star treatment. Wooden cabinets in their natural shades or painted in pastels or nature inspired colors are mixed with lovely wooden shelves making everything pop out. Open shelves are the new trend so choose cabinets for the lower part of the kitchen and wooden open shelves for the top part, making wood the main element of this space.

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