How To Get the Boutique Hotel Look for Your Own Bedroom

Do you desperately need a holiday to fill your life with positivity? Do you miss those super comfy hotel beds and feel the need to pamper yourself?  If in regular times, most of us enjoyed the luxury of sleeping in a hotel once in a while, now more than ever, we are craving for that feeling of escapism.

In the meantime, as worry-free nights in comfy hotel rooms can still be put on hold for a while, we came up with a couple of tips on how you can infuse that holiday vibe in your own bedroom.

Embrace Texture  

In boutique hotels, the texture is key when it comes to creating that cosy feeling. From padded fabric on the walls to luxurious oversized headboards in plush velvet, the surface is great if you are looking to add extra comfort to your sleeping area.

If fabric walls are not an option, then an upholstered bed with a generously padded headboard is definitely an easier choice. 

Choose a Fabric Bed 

The best part of a cosy pristine boutique hotel is the big, comfy bed. 

The centrepiece of your sleeping sanctuary and a long-term investment item, the bed, should be the focal point of your bedroom.

A bed with a tall headboard or a plush velvet bed frame, for example, can instantly shout luxury as soon as you step into the bedroom. Elegant, bespoke, and soft to touch, an upholstered bed with a tall padded headboard will make you feel pampered and add extra layers of style. 

To add even more to the hotel feel, why not go for a TV bed? Contemporary styled with tailored upholstery, the television is concealed when not in use and rises up at the touch of a button. The ultimate in luxury, a TV bed will keep entertainment at your fingertip when you just want to indulge in your favourite programmes from the comfort of your own bed. 

Invest in a Good Mattress 

There’s no wonder that the comfy mattress is one of the best parts of the hotel experience. So if you want to make sleep a five-star experience, our advice is: Buy the best mattress you can. 

Be it pocket springs, memory foam, or a hybrid mattress, researching the best type of mattress for your individual sleeping needs is crucial. 

Style Your Bed Like a Pro 

Besides the comfortable mattress, the foundation of inviting hotel beds is also the top quality bedding. 

Start with white bedding or linen in neutral colours to create a sense of purity and infuse freshness. To add interest, layer up your bed with cushions and throws in different textures, but with varying tones of the same colour for a soothing feel. Include a throw blanket at the end of the bed to protect the duvet and provide a cozy cover-up. 

Try to keep it simple and streamlined, and most importantly, for the ultimate hotel experience, don’t overdo it.

When it comes to your bedroom accessories, a down comforter and an Egyptian cotton duvet cover are the formula for bedding bliss. As for the pillows, the most common fill materials for the hotel pillows are down feathers and memory foam. 

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash

Incorporate Multiple Light Sources

Lighting can make or break the vibe in your bedroom, and one of the most common mistakes when you redecorate, is not incorporating enough light sources. Your lighting plan should consist of ambient lighting, general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.  In a boutique hotel, the light is always soft, relaxing, and romantic. 

Think of closet lights that turn on automatically when the door is opened, reading lights on both sides of the bed, lightened make-up mirrors, overhead lighting, and wall sconces. Lamps with shade also work best as they softly diffuse the light for increased ambience. 

As important as the number of your light sources is how you access your lighting switches. The ability to control your task lighting from your bed is an affordable luxury for any home, and dimmers should be your best friend. 

Use Symmetry

In interior design, symmetry can portray a feeling of stability, calmness, and elegance.

Boutique hotels use this design principle in their favour to create a sense of balance, and you can achieve this too through the use of patterns, furniture arrangement, light fixture, and the use of colour.  You can also use symmetry when you hang your wall art, when you accessorise your nightstands and when you style your bed. 

Consider Carpet for Your Master Bedroom 

If you are looking to get that luxurious boutique feel, you need a carpet that will make you feel you’re walking on clouds. Just imagine that feeling when you got out of bed in the morning in a boutique hotel. Do you remember how your feet sank into the thick, lush carpet as you made your way to the stunning bathroom?

Deep carpet is definitely a winner if you are after that feel, but then a large, soft rug can still do the trick if this is not an option.

Rethink Your Window Treatments

The best hotel rooms come equipped with curtains that block out all the sunshine so you can sleep in as late as you like when on vacation. The hotel formula is a layer of sheer curtains combined with a blackout layer for a layer of luxury and maximum privacy. 

Opt for high-quality and heavy fabrics able to insulate from weather, noise, and light.  

Keep It Sparkling Clean

To clear your mind and allow for rest and relaxation, your bedroom should be clutter-free. So make sure everything is dust-free, your bed linen is crisp and fresh, the mirrors are gleaming, and all the lampshades are regularly hoovered.

Honour Your Bedroom Style

Unless you’re after an absolute eclectic look, all your furniture should have a common element, be it the style, the material, or the colour.  Ensure all your accessories fall into the same design style, as this will create consistency and a comprehensive overall feel. 

Group Your Accessories 

A good trick to make things look stylish is to group items together.  Try to create a Visual Triangle and place the more oversized objects towards the back and the smaller ones in front to add visual interest to your triangle.  Always find balance by harmonising objects of different shapes and sizes with an asymmetrical arrangement for visual interest. 

Another trick is to display items in odd numbers as this is more pleasing to the eye.  Add a few of the tiny finishing touches that you often encounter in boutique hotels, such as a water carafe on your bedside table, coffee biscuits, and fresh flowers. 

Pay attention to details, and don’t underestimate the power of your finishing touches. 

Create a Relaxing Seating Area 

Hotel rooms are usually equipped with a table and super cosy armchairs to encourage relaxation and invite reading or focused activity.

Creating a spot to spend time in quiet relaxation, preferable by the window, will offer you a nice nook to indulge in a coffee or a book.

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Final Thoughts

 If your idea of heaven is just to relax in a cozy hotel room, you can easily recreate the same vibe for your own bedroom with these easy tips. We hope this helped, so next time when you’re looking for a pampering experience, you don’t have to go any further than the comfort of your own home for the five-star treatment. 

Cover photo by Kam Idris on Unsplash

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