7 IKEA Outdoor ideas for the perfect home terrace

The sunny days are finally here and since we get to spend more time in our homes let’s make the most out of our balcony, terrace or patio. Check out 7 IKEA outdoor ideas for the perfect home terrace:

1. It’s sunny outside

Choose a white terrace, a chic umbrella, some chic oversized plants or home trees and a lemonade and start sun bathing in your own terrace. With a soft color palette this space will always seem super calm and relaxing and you will always love to spend time there.

2. A dream in the garden

Make your own garden in a terrace or balcony space. Make it look like a dreamy greenhouse with your favorite plants, flowers and a wow factor to surprise your guests. Bring the outdoors indoors and match furniture with nature inspired elements or some that look like the furniture you see in the park with a lot of green items.

3. Exotic and colorful dream

If you love colors add them also in your dreamy terrace. Think of what inspires you – nature, the blue sky, the dreamy sea, the sunny yellow, the exotic orange or the elegant red and let the colors dictate the style and color scheme of your dreamy terrace space.

4. The wow factor

Any neutral or simple terrace needs a surprise elements or a wow factor. I adore the colorful paper lamps IKEA has. They make any terrace looking like a festival or a fairy tale. Match them with a lot of green plants and dreamy candles.

5. Make the most out of a tiny balcony

Even a tiny balcony can have a lot of space for guests. A good idea is decorating its sides with comfy benches to have extra sitting. Add cozy and chic pillows and then take advantage of the space you have left on the walls or ceiling and add dreamy lights or floating plants.

6. Magic nights

This idea is just great for warm spring or summer nights where all you can see is the night sky and some dreamy lights you own. Decorate the ceiling of your balcony, terrace or patio with a lot of dream lights and let magic happen. Make the space cozy and divide the terrace area with a rug and don’t forget some chic pillows and lovely candles.

7. French Riviera vibes

If you love the chic French style then add it in your lovely home. Pick purple or blue as the main colors and add lavender, stripes or romantic roses in your dreamy terrace. Choose also fancy glasses and plates and make the most out of a chic and sunny day at home.

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