4 Signs Ideas for Custom Made Metal Signs That You Can Try at Home

Decorating your home would usually require several considerations. Everything has to be planned accordingly, from the walls to the furniture – each detail must complement each other. Aside from beautifying the space, decorations provide you the opportunity to reveal the personality or values that your family lives by. This is possible through custom metal made signs that are personalized to exhibit the principles and traditions your family upheld through the years. 

Kitchen Bar Sign 

The kitchen is one of the significant spaces in your home. In other words, it is the core of the house since this is where important activities take place. Cooking, dining, and holding conversations with friends and family are held in this area which is why having a comfortable, cozy, and clean kitchen is necessary.

Given this emphasis, such a specific aspect of the house must be provided considerable attention to its surroundings. It is a common misconception for most that just because the kitchen is oftentimes messy and leaves no room for decoration due to the numerous cooking and dining equipment, decorating is not need.

Metal wall art can be considered as decorative elements for your kitchen. It breathes life into any space in an establishment. Another benefit of incorporating wall art in the kitchen space is that it helps accentuate the interiors by including colors and shapes. The magic it does to plain and simple areas is incredible because the place does not have to be very fancy to appear attractive. Your wall metal art may function as the centerpiece of the kitchen or dining area.

There are numerous metal pieces you can buy out there but a personalized one is better. Opting for a customized one for your home is recommended because it displays the family’s philosophy in just a single piece. Designs can range from having a hanging metal basket filled with toy fruits or a chopping board with metal cut letters of the names of the family members attached to it. Another suggestion is large vinyl letters with words that are significant to your family.

If you are not fond of words, you can have a kitchen mini herb garden by personalizing the bucket pots where your plants will be planted and are hung on a wall. This can be pleasing to the visitors especially if your house follows an environmental or natural concept.


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Living Room Signs

 Interior designers usually plan the design for the living rooms first since it is the focal point of the home and the area that is frequently visited by everyone. Although you do not usually run out of ideas for decoration plans in this particular space, it is important to select a design that catches the eye of those who gaze upon the entire area.

The sign must be something that invites or welcomes them upon entering. It should also reflect the overall style of the house which would depend on the furniture and other house elements. A durable, long-lasting, and versatile sign that can be displayed anywhere the room is needed as an ornament to highlight the beauty of the living room. Aside from that, it can provide a modern and contemporary look to complement whatever type of furniture you have.


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Outdoor House and Door Signs

  If your family is fond of online shopping and would typically receive lots of packages, then your house should have some kind of information for parcel deliverers to find your home easily. House signs will provide easier navigation for people pinpointing the location of your house. For this, a well-designed metal house sign that could resist oxidation and various weather conditions should be your go-to sign.

Similar to formal institutions like hospitals and stores, your house should also provide critical information to the public. These types of signs should be displayed outdoors. We suggest that you place it on the gate or fence so people could easily find the information.

On the other hand, decorations mounted on the surface of the door will serve as the first impression of the visitors. It provides the people a teaser or an idea of what to expect inside your house. It is much better if your door sign is aligned to the motif of your home or what your family represents.

You can opt for a hanging decor like a plant or a picture frame. But if you want to impart some word of wisdom or a motivational message, then you can have a metal plate engraved with words you want to share with your visitors. This can already make their day as soon as they enter your home. If you are aiming for a simpler one, you can simply customize metal letterings with your surname spelled to inform people of your family’s ownership of the building.

 Neon Signs

Who said that these colored LED signs are only used for business establishments and restaurants? These can serve as your wall decoration to spice up your kitchen bar or recreation area. This is best when you’re looking to add more brightness and excitement to the plain house walls because neon signs can deliver more luminosity even at the comfort of your home. Although it is one of the unconventional ways of advertising goods and services, it can also be utilized as a home decoration. Who would’ve thought that fancy, multicolored and glowing signage could also be applied to the interiors of a house? These neon tubes can be fabricated to curving unique shapes and varying sizes to match your preferences.

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