7 Grey and blush pink interiors you will adore this spring

A popular combo and also a perfect match for the spring season, grey and blush pink will check out a lot of your home decor wishes this season. So, check out 7 grey and blush pink interiors you will adore this spring:

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1. The calm bedroom

We love blush pink and soft grey because they look super calm and relaxing and that’s why they are great for an interior where you will love to rest. They also go great with paper lamps, spring themed deco accents like hats and, of course, your favorite spring flowers.

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2. The colors of elegance

Pink and grey also look pretty elegant and they are amazing when styled with retro or classy pieces like a chandelier, a velvet sofa or a marble and golden coffee table. So, choose this color combo for a spring themed and elegant living space or bedroom.



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3. The glam look

Choose a glam bathroom space in blush pink and light grey. Make it really dreamy with a golden mirror, green plants, fresh flowers and any deco element in the calm shades of this lovely room.

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4. Modern office space

The grey and pink combo makes a space super modern. So, choose pink walls and curtains and pair them with grey furniture or go the other way around. This modern color combo will make the perfect office space with cool lights and a statement and comfy chair.

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5. A relaxing morning

Grey (in a light or dark shade) goes great with blush pink, but also with a soft wood shade that makes any interior super relaxing. Choose this color combo for a calm kitchen and start your day with a healthy breakfast.

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6. The perfect contrast

You can get a chic contrast by pairing blush pink with dark and soft grey. It’s the transitional color contrast between winter and summer and look amazing with both nature inspired elements and glam items.

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7. The dream kitchen

Dream in pink in the perfect kitchen space that makes you want to cook more or sit home and have lunch or dinner. Choose some pink velvet chairs to go with the space, pick white marble for the counter top and golden handles for the cabinets.

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