6 Dreamy steps to get a hygge vibe into your home

As you all may know by now, the hygge vibe is that cozy and welcoming feeling a space has, that also calm and relaxing. We know that the warm season has come, but the cold spring nights and also our balconies and terraces can use a hygge vibe, especially this season. So, check out 6 dreamy steps to get the hygge vibe into your home:

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1. Less is more

The hygge vibe is all about that simple and few things that transform an interior into a space we call home. You don’t need a lot of things to make a space dreamy, you need the right things that are also super cozy like candles, a great piece of art that defines you, warm lights and a few pieces of decor that match and define your personality. An organized and clutter free interior is inviting and also relaxes you.

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2. Pick nature inspired materials

The most popular materials right now are the raw ones, inspired by nature. They make a space look like being in the nature and they transform an interior into a calm and relaxing one. The hygge feeling reflects the outdoors just being indoors, so choose this style if you love nature.

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3. Play with texture

Play and get cozy with some textures: rugs, blankets, covers, pillows are comfy elements that make you want to sit and relax in a home. They also look warm and cozy and make you want to sit for hours and talk or hang out in space, that with its warmth feels also safe, and, of course, feels like home.

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4. Choose greenery

Plants have a great therapeutic effect, they bring fresh air in our home, they create a green oasis and are a constant reminder of nature. That’s why they bring that hygge vibe into a space, so choose as much as you can in any room. Also, besides purifying air they are super stylish and work as dreamy deco elements in any space.

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5. Make your bathroom space cozy

The perfect room to relax in? The bathroom or the bedroom. But, the bathroom space is an interior often forgotten by people so you must make it as cozy as possible and get inspired by hotel rooms or spa’s. Add plants, flowers, candles and always keep it clean and organized.

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6. Create a nook

Although all of your home should be relaxing, you also need a nook to cozy up and truly relax after a long day working. So, choose an egg chair, make a nook with a lot of pillows in a corner of your home or add a dreamy tent in the middle of your home. Add textures, pillows, covers, candles and your favorite books in this hygge space.

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