Can You Move a Bathroom Sink?

You move into a new home, but you realize that bathroom fixtures’ positioning does not align with your needs. The majority of individuals will want their bathroom space remodeled to create a new look, according to their taste, and to embrace their practical needs.

With this in mind, it is inevitable to leave things unturned in the bathroom. But can you move a bathroom sink? You can be more than sure that there is a more substantial possibility of being able to move a bathroom sink. Instead, you should be asking yourself how? We are going to look at the steps taken to move your bathroom sink.

Things to consider

Before deciding on whether to move your bathroom sink, here is a list of things to consider;

  1. Cost

Moving the bathroom sink comes with a cost. If you are not used to DIY, you might find it hard to do the job. This means you have to hire a plumber to do the job for you, which might welcome extra costs. Ensure you are aware of the cost and you are ready to incur the cost.

  1. Drainage system

Likewise, this project requires correctly moving the water supply lines, working on the drainage system and the vent. You might also need to make drills on the wall to install new plumbing systems in the bathroom. It makes moving the bathroom sink impractical if you are too busy. Consider the installation and drainage requirements.

  1. New or old components

You need to know if you will use the old components/fixtures or buy new ones. It will be useful if you replace only the old and worn-out components of the bathroom sink.

It may include the faucet, the pipes, and the vent. The only cost you will incur here could be to purchase these items as they are easy to install.

  1. Do you require the services of a professional

It is also necessary to consider if you need the professional’s services to do the job for you. This will depend on the type of bathroom sink you want to move. You can do it yourself if the process is easy. This will help to cut the cost of hiring a professional to do the job.

How to Move a Bathroom Sink

There are those situations you believe can make moving the bathroom sink inevitable. Read on through the following steps to help you easily and correctly move your bathroom sink.

The essential equipment you will need includes; flathead screwdriver, gloves, putty knife, cordless drill, and a saw.

Step 1: Do your homework

Probably you need the blueprint of the whole process you are about to do in the bathroom. It has to do with the bathroom’s location plan, the plumbing fixtures, and your bathroom drainage system.

At this stage, you need to decide the position that you want to move your sink to. To get a perfect job, you can make a sketch for an easy process. Ensure that space is enough at the new location.

Step 2: Turn off water

Turn off the water system. This prevents water from spilling all over the place when you disconnect the sink.

Step 3: Detach your bathroom sink from its position

Proceed to disconnect the sink from its current position. Handle the process carefully to avoid damaging your drainage system. Remember, it is the same system you will use in the next position of your sink. You can use your bathroom plumbing location plan to help you locate the position of the pipes quickly.

Step 4: Close the fixtures and remove the sink.

Ensure no strange particles are getting into the plumbing fixtures. Immediately after disconnecting the sink, close these fixtures to prevent the entry of unwanted particles.

Then carefully remove the sink from its position. Once you detach it from the drainage system and the wall, it should come off quickly. If you plan to reuse the sink in the next location, ensure you handle it with care to avoid any damage to the sink.

Step 5: Set the plumbing fixtures and the drainage on the new location

You might still need to use the previous sink location’s connections or completely set up a new one. In case you are going for new connections, ensure that you observe the installation process regulation. You might need a plumber to help you finish the process effectively.

Nevertheless, all you need to consider is the fitting of your new fixtures and the sink. The model of the fixtures should match that of your sink to perfectly fit and position well.

Step 6: Install the sink in your new location

At this point, you are now remaining with installing the sink in the space you have prepared.  With the previous steps appropriately done, this step is easy.

Set the sink on the wall in your chosen location and connect all the parts into place. Ensure that every point of connection is tightly fitted to avoid water spills in the bathroom.

If you are installing a new sink in your new location, check on the installation instructions. Follow through this sink engineering guidelines as you install the sink on to the wall. Also, ensure that every point of attachment is tightly fitted to avoid wetting your bathroom unnecessarily.

There are several options if you are going to get a new bathroom sink. Common options include an undermount sink, pedestal sink, and drop-in sink.

Step 7: Turn on the water system and check for leaks.

Finally, after doing your installation job, turn on the water system and let the water into the sink. Then drain the water and observe at every connection point and through the piping to check for leaks. If you notice any leaks, use pliers to tighten the connections.

You might choose to employ a piece of cloth to check whether the connection has stopped leaking the liquid. This is by putting a dry piece of cloth where you find a leak. After tightening, keep repeating the process until there is no more leak.

Step 8: Do the finishing

When you are sure, the sink is well installed in the new location with no issues, clear up your bathroom and does the necessary finishing. This includes mending the floors from where you moved your sink and the points you might have tampered with as you move the sink. You can also repaint your walls to bring that stylish look to your bathroom.


By now, you know what exactly you want to do with your bathroom sink. Depending on your bathroom needs and budget, you can opt to revamp your sink or move it to your desired location in your bathroom.

If you have never experienced a bathroom sink being moved, you might find it challenging to try it for the first time. However, follow through the steps above to give your bathroom your preferred look and taste of style.

Photo by Victoria Borodinova from Pexels

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