5 Tiny bathroom ideas that will inspire you this fall

This fall we’re thinking a lot about tiny spaces and  how to take advantage  of every inch you have in your home in a clever way, making it super dreamy. It’s time to organize our bathrooms, so check out 5 tiny bathroom ideas that will inspired you this fall:

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1. Art deco look

This season the art deco style is super popular for bathroom spaces and even a tiny bathroom can be decorated in this glam way. Big round or oval mirrors will increase the space, a mix of pastel colors will divide better this room and a tiny shower will fit perfectly in this dreamy small space. Also, choose black steel elements for this chic tiny bathroom.

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2. Artistic features

Give your tiny bathroom personality, with artsy and unique elements. Choose light bulbs that float from the ceiling, a trendy round mirror, and sculptures or other artsy deco elements. As for the wall paint, pick an elegant shade such as navy blue or forest green paired with a lighter one that will bring more light into this space, hence making the room look bigger.

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3. Cool & Artsy vibe

Love the artistic vibe of this bathroom, it shows that no space is too small to hang art or framed pictures, and the bathroom space it is also a great room for art. Match it with a black steel shower wall and nature inspired deco elements and tiny furniture for a chic look that matches this year’s trends.

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4. Boho look

A tiny boho bathroom will be a room full of personality and a relaxing vibe for your home. So, choose wooden shelves, a neutral sink, a white shower curtain and a lot of tiny green plants that will emphasise on the bohemian look. Also, make your statement mirror the star of the room by choosing one in a contrasting shade.

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5. The pink room

Pink is a calm and beautiful shade for a bathroom and it’s light look won’t make the space seem crowded. To make this pink bathroom more dreamy, choose wooden nature inspired shelves decorated with green plants and a statement mirror. Everything will look chic and fresh!

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