10 New cool and trendy products we love this fall at H&M Home

Time for a new trendy roundup – this time is all about the new H&M Home collection. With a nostalgic color scheme, a dreamy design and a nature inspired vibe, check out 10 new cool and trendy products we love this fall at H&M Home:

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1. The flower cup jewellery stand

This vintage looking jewellery stand can make any corner of your home look truly dreamy! Also, its super practical, storing your favorite jewelry in a cool way.

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2. Cotton bedspread

This season choose a bedspread with a themed fall print like checkers or tartan. It will look amazing on a Earthy colored sofa, a wooden bed with sheets fall colors or a dreamy woven chair.

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3. The large ceramic serving bowl

Ceramic bowls and tableware are everything this year, making your kitchen space and dining table really unique. And we do love this cool ceramic bowl.

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4. The nostalgic poster

This season choose a cool poster with a nostalgic vibe. I absolutely adore this coffee and pampas poster that is the definition of fall and a classy home.

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5. Tray with foot

Do you need some new glam deco elements in your dreamy home? Then, this gorgeous golden tray with foot will make your cabinet or coffee table more dreamy. Add it like a standalone decor piece or style it with candles and small deco elements.

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6. Ceramic sculpture

Ceramic sculptures are a must-have this year and the more, the merrier! We love this Greek inspired one that will make any decor corner of your home more artsy!

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7. Cushion cover with tassels

The cushion covers with tassels announce the beginning of a dreamy and cozy season. So, choose a neutral pillows cushion with tassels for your sofa, nook or reading corner.

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8. The rattan basket

Rattan is still popular and I love it so much. That’s why if you want something really cool made from rattan choose a retro inspired chair, or a basket, they will look just dreamy in your home!

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9. Laundry bag

Make your bathroom more trendy and get a cool laundry basket. This one will look super stylish in a bathroom with black, white and gray elements.

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10. Transparent shower curtain

Not feeling like a mermaid yet? Well this trendy shower curtain will definitely feel like one. Moreover, it will make your whole bathroom really shine!

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