10 New boho, glam and dreamy elements we love at Urban Outfiters

We love to constantly look for what’s cool right now, but also for creative elements which really define your home. Since, Urban Outfiters has always cool and original elements, we made a top of 10 New boho, glam and dreamy elements we love from this cool brand:

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1. The nature inspired Vine curtain

If you have a calm and relaxed nature inspired home, this vine curtain is just perfect for you. It resembles actual vines  and it will look amazing in your bedroom, living room or even kitchen space.

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2. The adorable Ramen light

If you want something creative, funny, yet also practical in your home then you should definitely choose this cute Ramen light. Add it on your terrace or on the nightstand and this adorable piece will make your day even prettier.

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3. The floral duvet cover set

Celebrate fall with a themed duvet cover set with dreamy flowers in fall colors. Match them with glam and golden elements and enjoy this beautiful season that’s soon to come.

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4. “Lucky you” tapestry poster

Tapestry posters are super cool right now so choose one with a magic twist and an autumn color scheme. Pair it with bohemian deco elements and add it in your bedroom or living room.

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5. Zodiac tray

All you zodiac fans out there must check out this dreamy tray. It looks super cool and is useful for small deco elements like rings, earrings and anything you can think of!

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6. The golden vinyl storage rack

Perfect for a vinyl collector, but also for storing magazines, this golden storage rack will look amazing in a modern or glam home. Pair it with green plants and also with an ethnic themed rug.

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7. The retro table lamp

A retro table lamp is always a good idea and if it has a versatile shade, such as pink, it will be just perfect and it will look more modern. Add it on an elegant nightstand and stay late in the night reading your favorite books.


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8. The FRIENDS mug

Because fall is a nostalgic season, this latte mug will definitely start this season in a retro note. Also, it will remind you of your favorite TV show and you will feel like serving coffee in an actual coffee shop.

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9. The glass table tray

A glass table tray is super useful and makes anything you add on it really shine! Also, having a mirror it helps add dimension and space anywhere you add it, so decorate it with jewelry, perfume bottles or dreamy deco elements.

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10. The galaxy globe table lamp

It’s magic time with your own magic lamp. Besides looking dreamy next to your bed or on your desk, this galaxy globe lamp can even make you day dream or think you can make magic things happen.

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