Keeping A Virus Free Home

Having a clean home is a daily task, especially if you have kids or pets. Now that most of us are spending more time at home, the threat of germs is becoming a daily concern. But if there’s one thing I can tell you about cleaning products, they can also be a health risk. Many of these products that you use daily to clean your home are toxic. They can have left-over residue and often leave your home smelling artificial and often too sterile. There’s a solution I can offer, but first, it’s important to know what comes first.

The risks of excess germs are more than likely to be on your mind, yet what about product safety? Are you keeping your family safe from cleaning products that just kill germs and virus-filled bacteria? What about the countless other factors that cleaning products can have as a side-effect? Here are some nice things that the typical cleaning products are leaving in your home.

With proper care, these types of products do work as explained in the ‘DIY Cleaners to Kill Viruses – COVID 19 Guide’— but they need to be treated with plenty of knowledge too. Knowing the possible dangers first is the best way to stay safer.


What a great product to get whiter whites and kill countless germs all-around your home. We all grow-up knowing that familiar smell and know it’s the go-to product that you keep under your kitchen sink. But how much risk is there when using this product? Did you know that Bleach was used in World War I as a chemical warfare weapon? It’s absolutely true!

Here are some side effects that go with using bleach as an all-purpose cleaner:

  • Headaches and migraines
  • Coughing and shortness of breath
  • Stomach aches and nausea
  • Skin rashes and irritation to the skin
  • Damage to your nervous system
  • Irritating to the eyes and lungs
  • Chlorine vapor is a lingering toxin
  • Dangerous to pets and children

Bleach can become more toxic when mixed with hot water and lead to respiratory illness. Children and pets are especially sensitive to this vapor and also to those who suffer from asthma and allergies. Are you still confident using bleach to clean your home now?


Just like the commercial says it does kill 99.9% of virus-filled germs, bacteria, and fungi, and that’s not all. This all-purpose disinfectant is also responsible for many health risks that can be just as dangerous in your home. These are the side-effects that go with using Lysol:

  • Causes coughing and lung irritation
  • Irritating to the eyes and skin
  • Causes headaches, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting
  • Can cause damage to the liver and kidney (especially children and pets)
  • Contains butane that can cause lung damage and cardiac problems

Lysol has been promoted as the #1 household disinfectant used for fighting germs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, it only complicates things by making your immune system weaker, leaving you open to getting ill as a side-effect. So, is there a solution for using a safe household cleaner that can be used to kill germs? Thankfully there is!

The Power of D-Limonene

All citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, and grapefruit have very powerful yet natural turpentine inside their peel. This peel is processed to extract the natural oil inside the outer skin and is used for a variety of purposes. It’s the most common kitchen flavoring that is used for flavoring tea and also for baking. But did you know it’s also one of the most effective natural alternatives for disinfecting and cleaning?

It’s a wonder that no one has ever heard of D-Limonene even though it’s used in so many products. If you’ve heard of Simple Green or GoJo, then youve been using products that contain D-Limonene. Even if you’re a gardener or auto mechanic, this product is used in so many natural ways and is skin-safe. Why not consider using Green Gobbler as your alternative all-purpose cleaner?

It can be used as a disinfecting spray mixed with a little water. It also has the fresh smell of orange and isn’t going to be dangerous to your family. Green Gobbler has an advantage because it has an extra coconut additive so it can be mixed with water. It can also be used anywhere in the home and cleans and kills virus-related germs on anything you own. It’s great for using in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, and even in the garden!

Use it straight from the bottle with a sprayer attached and have an instant germ cleaner for every surface. It can be easily thinned 5:1 or 10:1 and works as a natural floor cleaner that killing germs instantly. It won’t be harmful to pets or small children and any room smells fresher using it as a deodorizer. You’ll be amazed at how effective it can be. Add a couple of drops mixed into your hand sanitizer for an effective germ killer that smells great too.
If you need one product for your home that is bio-friendly and has 100-in-one uses, Green Gobbler is your answer.

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