3 Brilliant Hacks To Keep Your Home Smelling Pleasant All The Time

Nearly 75% of your daily emotions are triggered by smell, and your mood may improve by up to 40% after inhaling pleasant scents, according to Dwell. Each home has a unique scent, and it’s the first thing guests notice when they walk into your home. Remember, no matter how impressive your interior décor appears, foul smell can make your home feel uninviting.
While spraying fragrances sounds ideal for making your home smell fresh, it isn’t. Experts say clean spaces shouldn’t have any smell. But it’s impossible to make your home odorless when you have children and pets around. Between cooking, cleaning, and wearing perfumes, you’re likely to end up with a mix of different scents. Fortunately, there are 3 brilliant hacks you can follow to keep your home smelling pleasant all the time.
Keep Your Carpets Clean
Carpets are notorious for absorbing bad odor in their fibers, especially after unlimited counts of pet messes and drink spills. One of the best methods to eliminate unwanted smells from carpets is sprinkling baking soda. Ensure you’ve sprinkled the baking soda on the entire carpet surface and not on the stained parts only. Let it sit for at least one hour, and then vacuum your carpets or rugs to ensure they look and smell fresh. This trick also works on mattresses and pet beds if you want to keep all your rooms smelling fresh.
Splurge on an Air Purifier
Air purifiers are essential household devices, as they eliminate bad smells and reduce pollen and dust. Unlike air fresheners, air purifiers last longer and don’t cover foul smells. They get rid of unpleasant odor completely, leaving your house smelling fresh always. What’s more, air cleaners can help you remove specific smells and pollutants from the air. For example, if you or another family member smokes, you’ll want to eliminate the smell of tobacco to ensure your family breathes fresh air. In this case, consider buying the best air purifier for smoke to filter out the foul smell of cigarettes and get rid of toxic chemicals from the air.
Consider Adding Essential Oils To Your Air Filters 
Adding essential oils to air filters is a perfect way to freshen the air in your home. Your home’s AC appliance will circulate the pleasant scents from essential oils throughout the entire house and leave a long-lasting fragrance on everything. Some essential oils worth trying for home fragrances include lavender, jasmine, clove, tea tree, and lemongrass. Besides making your living spaces smelling pleasant, essential oils contain healing properties that make you feel relaxed. Even more appealing, they are free from unnatural fillers and chemicals. You don’t have to worry about indoor pollutants that make you fall sick.
Opening windows is a practical way to increase the flow of fresh air and keep your spaces smelling good. However, to ensure every room in your home smells pleasant all the time, you must incorporate other tricks. Consider using air purifiers, refresh the carpets, dust your vents, and put drops of essential oils on air filters, to mention a few.
Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels

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