4 Tips to Make Your House Smell Fresh

According to an article published by Scientific American, odor can affect a person’s mood, behaviour and work performance in various ways. Interestingly, the way we react to an odor largely depends on our associative learning or how we have associated the source of the odor with some event, where the linked event elicits a conditioned response for the original situation. This becomes a deciding factor in whether we are going to like the odor or dislike it.

Just like a fresh smell of something like flowers is capable of boosting attraction and lowering stress, waking us up or soothing us to sleep; foul odor can instantly male us wrinkle our nose and gag. Staying constantly exposed to foul odor can make you sick and reduce your ability to think logically. When we smell something bad in at home, the first thing we do is to open the windows to let out the old air, while letting in clean, fresh air. However, 24 hour plumbers at Mikes Chicago Plumbing, trusted plumbers in Chicago and its neighbouring areas, say that it is best to locate the source of the odor and get rid of it, to once and for all remove that foul smell from your home.

4 Ways to Make Your House Smell Amazing

  1. Find the Cause of Odor: Damp laundry, leftovers in the fridge, the oven, pillows, upholstery, pet beds and kitchen and bathroom drains are the obvious sources of nasty smells. The aim is to eliminate the cause of the smell, instead of covering it with a room freshener. Tackling the root cause will not only make your house smell fresh but when made into a habit, it can keep the home feeling clean.
  2. Clean the Garbage Disposal: Even when the disposal unit shreds food waste into pieces small enough to pass through the plumbing, some waste remains stuck to the walls of the unit, and the build-up of food debris within the disposal unit can lead to foul odor. To eliminate this smell, place lemon and ice cubes or orange peels in the disposer and run for 30 seconds. After a few seconds, squirt some liquid dish washing detergent while the disposer is still running. After 30 seconds, run cold water for another 30 seconds. This will rinse all the debris away. If things still do not get better, it is advisable to contact an emergency plumbing service.
  3. Simmer Herbs in Water: There are some sources of foul smell that are minor and cannot be completely eliminated. Such smells are removed from the air over time. In such situations, you can cover the bad smell with a pleasant one to avoid distraction. In a small saucepan, simmer water added with slices of citrus fruits and herbs like mint and lavender. The heat will take the sweet scent out of these ingredients and spread it across your home. You can also place some scented candles in your house at certain intervals and at distinct locations to increase their efficiency.
  4. Check Your Plumbing System: Lastly, professional plumbers in Chicago advise getting your plumbing systems checked regularly. These systems are designed to prevent foul odor from entering the house by means of the trap containing water to seal out foul odor. However, if the water seal evaporates, the odor can enter the home. The first step should be to pour a bucket of water in each trap, sink, shower and floor drain. If this doesn’t stop the odor, call an emergency plumbing service soon.

And remember to get rid of clutter and junk regularly to keep the home looking clean and smelling fresh.

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