How to Choose the Right Wet Basement Waterproofing Method?

Basements are the symbol of a standard house. It is usually situated below the ground level. People say the stability of a building depends on the basement stability. Taking care of the basement is essential. Water leaking is one of the most dangerous enemies of basements. Water and basement have the same relation as ants and sugar. Basements often lose moisture because they are not located in the open. And water leaking makes it wet and unusable. But expert help can fight your battle with the leaking water. Today we will talk about the right wet basement waterproofing methods.

Basement waterproofing methods

Basements are situated under the ground level. So, it is quite hard to take good care every day. People don’t go down below without any vital task. That’s why this place gets an ugly situation. Meanwhile, water finds a route to the basement. Suppose there is no waterproof method, then your basement will get wet badly. It is tough to suck the water and dry the floor and walls.

In that case, the professional help of an expert like can fix water leaking. There is plenty of waterproofing method that works fine with every basement. However, there are two basic waterproofing methods for the cellar.

Let’s get deep into it.

Interior Problem

 Most of the time, interior design and material are responsible for water leaking. During the building of the basement, design and material weakness can cause wet basement problems. Most of the time, water comes through the concrete wall. Sometimes the concrete walls get cracked by the force of soil or other reasons. And it makes way for the water to direct into the basement.

Exterior Problem

Your home basement is the foundation of your whole house. During the constriction, the basement is made for the support of your building. If you put more weight than its capacity, it will be vulnerable to your facility. The location of your house also varies the lifespan of your basement. There are many places where floods often occur. That kind of place could be the worst experience for your basement environment.

Waterproofing methods

Constriction and professional basement waterproofing experts suggest some excellent and effective methods. Those methods work fine in any basement. That is not necessary that every technique will work. But we have to apply the right strategy with proper guidance.

Let’s discuss the right wet basement waterproofing methods.

Crack Repair

 Most of the time, water leaking problems occur for the concrete wall crack. This interior problem can cause a wet basement wall problem. In that case, professionals use crack injection. This method is to fill the hole and the crack portion of the concrete wall. So the material prevents the water from passing through the route. This method works better with engulfed concrete walls.


This is a substance for blocking fluid correctly. It is suitable for hard surfaces like concrete. A little hole or crack in the concrete wall can be mounted by the crack injection method. But that is not applicable for big size wall cracks. In that case, sealants are the best choice for concrete wall mounted.

This method will work for a small number of concrete cracks. But for general use, you have to use an alternative approach. In the market, a particular sealants coat is available. It is made for covering a wide range of concrete walls. It makes the wall fully waterproof and ensures a sustainable environment.

Drainage Method

This method is common and most used. People always want to reduce the living cost. Basement water leaking is a common problem that will come out for every homeowner. Indeed, taking the right decision before building a basement will cost little money and time.

Using a drainage system into the basement wall will lead the water to the right place. So it will not cause any pressure on the wall. The whole process will be maintained by proper water management.

Hydraulic Cement

 In the exterior waterproof method hydraulic cement system ensures good results. But this process needs to dig around the outer area of the basement wall. It is time-consuming as well as expensive. Waterproof contractors complete this process by installing hydraulic cement on the wall.


 You can use tiles for your interior or exterior safety. For the waterproof basement, exterior tiles placement works better. An internal tile system is a right choice, though. This depends on your decision. A basement waterproof expert will set weeping tiles to dump the water into a sump pump system.

Polymer and Membranes

 This process is a costly method. This is an exterior method that is applied for making the outer wall waterproof. Polymers and membranes are waterproof materials. They make the wall strong enough to hinder water trespassing.

Bottom Line

A wet basement is a place for living mole and bacteria. Continued water leaking also creates a vulnerable environment for humans. Most importantly, the area will be unusable permanently. The longer you take time to fix the wet basement, the big your mistake will be. So consult your basement and expert basement waterproof hire for repair.

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