5 Ways to give your home a vacation vibe just in time for the last summer month

Take advantage of the last month of the year and give your home a vacation vibe! From indoors to outdoors, everything has to look dreamy, relaxing and nature themed. Here are 5 ways to give your home a vacation vibe just in time for the last summer month:

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1. Research vacation homes and get inspired

Get inspired by the chic country homes and make your bedroom accordingly. Decorate your walls with textile robes and straw hats and also choose calm looking white or neutral curtains. Choose a neutral color palette for the room and to add personality add a mix of printed pillows and covers. As for the dreamy and vacation effect add in a chic vase the flowers that bring joy into your life.

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2. Add dreamy vases and flowers

Vases are a huge thing this summer. From natural looking faux flowers, hey or three branches to your favorite natural trees or branches, make a stylish flower arrangement in an eco friendly, recycled or pottery vase. Add them in a wooden or rattan coffee table or in a corner or your room and match them with stripes or different summer themed patterns.

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3. Make a SPA themed bathroom

Any bathroom will look amazing if its SPA inspired. So decorate your bathroom with a cozy white robe that will make you feel like you’re in a hotel and lots of fresh neutral towels. Add also dreamy perfumed spa products, candles and gorgeous deco elements that will make this space super stylish. Nevertheless, add green plants that will look simply gorgeous in this space.

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4. Add nature details everywhere

Nature screams vacation so make sure you add furniture made with nature elements, green plants and flowers everywhere in your gorgeous home. Match them in a glam way with retro inspired items and golden elements and enjoy your vacation themed home.


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5. Celebrate summer in a nature themed terrace

Let’s talk terraces, balconies and outdoor spaces. A bohemian or country chic theme will be ideal for a vacation themed outdoor space. Or why not try a Mediterranean Vibe? Choose oversized green plants or tiny trees and match them with woven garden furniture, comfy pillows in chic prints and a stylish coffee table with a woven tray where you can serve your favorite beverages.

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