How To Nail The Perfect UK Staycation This Summer

This year’s plans went very quickly out of the window when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. So many families around the world were forced to cancel their plans last minute, work and learn from home, and wait for this pandemic to run its course. Cramped together in work and play, families have had to knuckle down and make their own fun since March 2020. While this pandemic was unprecedented, it gave communities space to come together, work as a team, and look after each other. What a strange year it has been indeed.

If you had holidays booked abroad which have had to be cancelled, you aren’t alone. Many countries closed their borders and banned tourists for a lengthy period of time, forcing travel companies into meltdown as they attempted to refund tickets for thousands of travellers. Besides, the UK imposed its own travel restrictions – in short, the world came to standstill for a short time. Now that the world is slowly beginning to open up, how do you feel about travel?

Some holiday-goers are chomping at the bit to get away for some sun, while others remain cautious. If you are apprehensive about going abroad for your summer jollies but are nevertheless desperate for a change of scene, there is a perfect happy medium: a staycation.

What Is A Staycation?

The actual definition of the staycation has become a point of contention across the land. On the one hand, some people use it to define literally staying at home, but having time off work and hanging out with the family, perhaps taking day trips to local entertainment – but crucially, staying at home. Others consider the Staycation to be holidaying within your own country, just not abroad. However you define the Staycation, read on to find out how to nail both versions of the new-holiday-normal.

The Stay-At-Home Version

If you’re committed to a hardcore Staycation, there are things you can do to make it extra special and feel exactly like a holiday! Here is the step-by-step guide to a perfect stay at home Staycation. 

  • Clear Your Schedule

The best thing about holidays is that you have nothing to do, nobody to answer for, and can simply switch off. Just because you’re staying at home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be doing the same. Set an auto-reply for your work emails; cancel any and all non-essential appointments; make yourself purposefully absent. It’s easy to slip into regular routines when you stay at home, so make a concerted effort to do the opposite.

  • Make Loose Plans

When you’re on holiday, you make plans – but nobody sticks to every single one. That’s the beauty of a break: you can wake up each morning and decide what to do on a whim. So if you’re taking a home staycation, make plans to visit a theme park, a zoo, a beach – but don’t pressure yourself into it. Remember, it’s not work, it’s holiday time. No need to apply stress.

  • Have A Little Retail Therapy

If you bought swimsuits or outfits for your now-cancelled holiday, wear them! If you haven’t yet got around to it, make sure you treat yourself to something for your staycation. That holiday feeling needn’t be missed out on, just because you’re at home. You could even treat yourself to a manicure or pedicure, or take yourself and your partner for a couple’s massage if the safety regulations allow. Plus, you could spruce up your home decor with amazing deals at, adding to the holiday feeling without even going away.

  • Explore A New Cuisine

Trying new foods and exploring a new culture is such an unmissable part of holidaying, so bring the cuisine to you. Delve into gorgeous Italian pasta and pizzas; have an evening of Turkish cuisine; eat Spanish tapas like your life depends on it. Stock up on the rum for a spine-tingling mojito, and minty mocktails for the kids. 

  • Get The Kids Excited About Staycation!

The kids might express a little disappointment about not being able to go away, splash in the pool and eat ice cream by the sea. Frankly, it’s understandable, but there are ways to get your kids pumped about staying at home for the holidays. You could make a schedule full of fun holiday-activities, let them dress in their summer outfits, enjoy playing games and relaxing the rules a little, just for the week. 

The UK Staycation

OK – the home-staycation isn’t for everyone. No judgement here. If you are still itching for a getaway but don’t quite fancy being on a packed plane full of grubby strangers, nobody blames you for that. There are places you can go to in the UK that will satisfy your need for fresh air, wide-open spaces, and, let’s say, unpredictable weather… Alright, realistically there will be at least a little bad weather, but hey, that’s the British way! Here is everything you should consider to nail the perfect UK Staycation.

  • The Location.

Of course, that’s the first question; where should we go? Depending on your preferred holiday taste, there’s a beautiful range of places in the UK. 

For a wild, beautiful, landscape-filled breath of fresh air, there’s nowhere like West Scotland. Take a boat trip across Loch Lomond and spot otters, seals and sea birds; eat delicious, warming food in a local Scottish pub; take a breathtaking hike across the highlands. If you are into an active, tranquil holiday location where you’re pretty unlikely to run into anyone at all, then West Scotland is the place for you.

If beaches and warmth are more to your taste, there’s always Cornwall and Devon. These stunning counties bring the best of British summertime to you; sea, surf, fun, and yes, the warmest weather in the UK. If getting a summer tan has been on your mind, definitely consider Devon or Cornwall for your staycation.

Of course, there are plenty more places than just these two extreme sides of the coin. Explore the UK’s holiday destinations online today!

  • The Packing

If your car is just about big enough to accommodate your family, consider renting a larger vehicle for your staycation. After all, you might be swept away into buying boogie boards or sleeping in a nine-man tent by a Loch. Even if that doesn’t sound like you, the UK’s weather is unpredictable; on the same day, you might need your snorkel and bikini and your waterproof trousers and hiking boots! Ensure you pack everything you might need for your chosen location, and don’t be caught short once you arrive.

  • The Accommodation

Between hotels, AirBnBs, and enormous castles, there’s quite a range of accommodation options around the UK. If heading to Scotland, you can board in a cosy cottage, a stunning five-star resort hotel, or even camp, if you’re brave enough. Seaside towns host a range of quaint homes perfect for your family’s Staycation. Always read the reviews on your chosen booking site, to avoid disappointment once you arrive.

Whichever type of staycation you prefer, there are infinite ways to spice up your holidays without taking a plane abroad. If this pandemic has made you worried about international travel, or perhaps if finances don’t allow for it this year, you don’t have to miss out on the fun. No matter if you have young children, teenagers, or no kids at all, there’s something to be found for everyone. 

Photo by Taryn Elliott from Pexels

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