Cooking accessories and appliances every kitchen needs.

Were you wondering how to easily upgrade your kitchen and make the most out of the cooking experience?

There is almost nothing more rewarding and pleasant than the time spent in the kitchen. The eye-pleasing colors of fresh fruits and vegetables, the smell of a baked apple pie, the taste of crunchy chicken… Are you getting hungry yet?

As the saying goes, eating is the necessity, but cooking is an art. That surely may be true for some people. Undoubtedly, food can be fun – imagine a Sunday afternoon spent with your friends and family on preparing the dinner, or a cooking date. Oh, how cozy, how romantic!

However, those are more exceptions than a daily routine. While most of the people enjoy cooking, they don’t have much time for it. Spending three hours in the kitchen sounds excellent unless you have a project to finish, a call to make, a workout to do, and other issues to solve. That is when the question of ‘how to combine the pleasant with the useful?’ pops in. Fortunately, for most busy cooking lovers, there is an easy way of answering it – cooking accessories and kitchen appliances.

They can bring the cooking experience to another level. From measuring the time to mixing the ingredients for you, cooking accessories and appliances will do it all. Chances are you already are using some of them. Nevertheless, there is always a place for improvement and upgrade to optimize the cooking experience even more. Read on if you want to know what essentials do every kitchen, including yours, need.

Various Cooking Pans

First and foremost come the pans. No kitchen should exist without at least a couple of different types of them. Imagine you want to prepare a wok but only own a grill pan. Will it work? Probably not. And if somehow it does, the process will be long and burdensome. However easy it is to let your imagination run wild, and buy all the pans offered on the market, try to resist it. Unless you are a professional, you don’t need 25 various containers. A couple of pans described and recommended at Stone Frying Pans will do just fine.

Well-Sharpened Knives

Have you ever thought of how satisfying chopping can be? With a sharp knife and a new chopping board, it is one of the most fun activities to do in the kitchen. Have a bunch of different blades in the knife block. A bread knife, a chef’s knife, a santoku, and a carving knife are essential to make your work easier and avoid unwanted injury. To minimize the probability of the latter one, always keep your blades well-edged. It may sound counterintuitive, but you are more likely to hurt yourself when the knife slips away from the food you intended to cut, then if it carves into it. Consider equipping your kitchen with a ceramic knife sharpener a good idea too.

Hand mixer

How much time would mix it take you to mash the potatoes if you had to do it using your hand only? With a proper hand mixer, it will be a matter of seconds! Flick the switch of the machine and whip the cream, mix the cookie dough, and mash the potatoes in no time. One of the most significant advantages of a hand mixer is that you control time, place, and force to achieve the desired effect.


Washing the dishes is time-consuming and tiring. Moreover, the dish soap often will leave the skin on your hands dried. Avoid it by using the dishwasher. Although it is not the cheapest of the kitchen appliances, it will pay back in the long run. A dishwasher uses less water to clean a higher number of dirty dishes in a shorter period than you would. Additionally, a decent dishwasher is supposed to serve you for years. Think of this one as of an investment worth making.

A thermometer?

This object is for meat lovers. If you take extra care of how you prepare the meat dishes, a meat thermometer should be of interest. It is a quick and easy way to check if the meats have the right temperature and cooked well, and serve the meal just right.

The above list is just the tip of an iceberg when it comes to kitchen utensils. There are only so many useful things your kitchen could be equipped with. Since you know your preferences, cooking habits and likings best, it is up to you to decide which ones are best and whether you need them.


Photo by Mark McCammon from Pexels

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