6 Farmhouse kitchen ideas for a calm summer

If you search for a calm and relaxing style for your kitchen space the farmhouse look is the perfect solution. It pretty versatile and it goes great with nature inspired elements, retro items and green plants. Also, its calm look always invites you to sit and cook or just have dinner. Here are 6 farmhouse kitchen ideas for a calm summer:

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1. Calm day

If you want a calm farmhouse kitchen choose all white and neutral elements. From your cabinets, tiles and even kitchen appliances choose dreamy calm colors or go with the versatile white. Match these elements with soft green plants, pottery inspired vases and kitchen utensils made from nature inspired elements like wooden spoons or rattan baskets.

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2. Chic details

Make your farmhouse inspired kitchen really chic by matching farmhouse inspired kitchen utensils with chic dishes, mugs and glasses. Mix and match them everywhere in your kitchen and choose open shelves to display them. Also, pick dreamy fresh flowers that will make your kitchen the most inviting space of your home.

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3. Retro vibes

If you have a large kitchen think of a farmhouse inspired pantry and table. Choose mixed retro chairs for your table and decorate this space with your favorite summer flowers. Also, choose nature and farmhouse inspired elements for your pantry and leave it open sometimes because it can look like a chic display.

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4. Artistic day

Think artsy and match paintings and pieces of art with your farmhouse kitchen elements. Also, even a small farmhouse kitchen can fit a chic bistro table that you can decorate with fresh flowers, minimal vases and neutral pillows for a super stylish and farmhouse inspired look.

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5. The perfect storage

The farmhouse kitchens have open shelves that can become the perfect storage solutions especially if you have a lot of stuff in this room. Choose above the table storage and pick dreamy neutral containers and also match your storage items with dreamy green plants, kitchen utensils and stylish deco elements.


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6. Early mornings

Give your farmhouse inspired kitchen French chic vibes. Choose a bistro inspired nook or dining space next to your kitchen cabinets and decorate it with bistro chairs made of rattan and also with comfy and dreamy neutral pillows. As for your cabinets, make them them super glam with copper elements, reed and some dreamy farmhouse inspired deco elements.

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