5 Best Things Nobody Tells You About Getting a Farmhouse Sink

A sink with a visible front is an element of exceptional interior design. Associated with the aesthetics of Provencal interiors and inspired by vintage styles, it can also delight in a modern version.

A ceramic sink with a visible front, also called a farmhouse sink, fits both, classic and modern kitchens. The choice of batteries and surrounding furniture is of great importance here. The basin of such a sink is spacious and deep, which certainly indicates maximum functionality.

It isn’t easy to imagine a functional kitchen without a sink. In every building, apart from the optional dishwasher, there should be space even for a small, single-basin sink that will allow the preparation of meals and cleaning.

1.  Functionality is the key

The farmhouse sink has an important practical function. This type of solution also allows you to stand closer to the washbasin, so you do not have to bend when washing dishes, because the top or cabinet does not separate you from the edge of the sink. You can choose from a variety of farmhouse sink types that you can find in Annie & Oak store.

If you have a dishwasher and rarely cook, you will probably need a single-basin sink. For intensively used kitchens where you spend a lot of time or kitchens for a large family, we recommend double-basin sinks. Furthermore, the shiny, white ceramic sink is resistant to dirt and stains, which makes it very easy to keep it clean.

2.  Not only for the farmhouse kitchen

Most often we meet farmhouse sinks in the interiors in retro or classic Provencal style. But thanks to the appropriate arrangement, it can also be a decoration of modern Scandinavian and minimalist kitchens. The white ceramic front offers many creative possibilities. Sinks are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes, which is why you can easily find a product that matches your kitchen and lifestyle.

The appearance of the sink depends largely on what kind of tap you choose. Taps come in many forms, and they can determine the style of your kitchen. Betting on durable and timeless kitchen fittings is going to make you satisfied. And your kitchen will be beautiful and practical regardless of whether you arrange it in a minimalist or a country-style.

3.  Resistant to breakage and scratches

Fireclay sinks are usually made of a mixture of natural minerals, fired at high temperatures and subjected to glazing; they obtain resistance to thermal shock and scratches. In addition to exceptional aesthetic values, the choice of this type of sink is practical because of its scratch-resistant durability, and materials that can last for decades. The glazed bowl is stain resistant, does not yellow when exposed to UV radiation and does not absorb odours. You can easily keep it clean during the daily operations in the kitchen.

4.  Can be made of various materials

The most popular farmhouse sink material is fireclay. Traditional and perfect for every kitchen design. The clay is fired at very high temperatures, thanks to which the fireclay sink is very resistant to temperature changes. You don’t have to be afraid of high or low temperatures, but they are very heavy and more expensive than other materials.

Stainless steel sinks, on the other hand, are affordable and coordinate easily with other kitchen appliances. Fridges, ovens and cooker hoods are often with a stainless steel finish, that is why they are easy to match with your new sink.

An interesting choice may be a sink made of copper. It is a very attractive and unique finish that matches traditional kitchen designs. Copper is a naturally antibacterial metal which is also one of the most durable and long-lasting materials.

5.  Trendy design element in your kitchen

The white farmhouse kitchen sink with the visible front is certainly one of the most popular models in this segment. It is extremely versatile and fits many spaces. We can pair it with bright cabinets and light-coloured wood kitchen countertops for the cosy and idyllic Scandinavian cooking area.

There are also coloured ones (e.g., in shades of cappuccino or black), that can be an interesting choice. The black ceramic sink will perfectly complement industrial and modern kitchens. Their shiny finish will match polished countertops.

A sink with a visible front in a kitchen space will give the interior a unique character that no other kitchen fittings will be able to provide. Choosing a farmhouse sink, you can choose from many colour and material options. Resistance to scratches and stain surface is an advantage in a home where there is a lot of cooking, and resistance is highly valued.

This warm and traditional look does not necessarily have to find its place in a country-style kitchen. In spite of appearances, it can be combined with many devices and furniture in other styles, to create an eclectic kitchen in which you will prepare meals with pleasure.

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