5 types of Dutch tulips to plant in your garden

I grew up surrounded by tulips, my grandfather planted red & mauve tulips in our front garden and red & yellow ones in the backyard. Tulips were and still are, my favourite type of flowers and would love to enjoy them all year round. I think they are such versatile and dreamy flowers & there are so many varieties to discover. To share my undeniable love for tulips, today we are talking about 5 types of Dutch tulips you can plant in your garden.

Kingsblood tulip

The classic red tulip that is my all time fav. Well, “Kingsblood” is actually a dark, cherry red one that boasts bright red blooms on strong, sturdy stems. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Renown Unique tulip

Yes, this a tulip, a beautiful big and full, peony style tulips and is quite popular as cut flower too. Imagine having lots of them throughout your home in spring. Another fun fact about this Dutch tulip is that is lightly fragrant and is a newer type of tulip, a gem!

Vincent van Gogh tulip

It’s a dark full purple, remind me of my childhood garden.  This dreamy Dutch tulip  variety was named after Vincent van Gogh. He has been commemorated by the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam more than 120 years after his death, by naming the peculiar fragrant flower with fringed petals on  the 21st of March 2011.

Strong Gold tulip

Another popular choice of a tulip, perfect for garden and adorning homes with. It is the epitome of spring with a delicious yellow buttercup intense colour and classic form. I’d add a couple of bulbs to my garden and a beautiful bouquet to my home right away.

Dream Touch tulip

I’ll be sincere and say that I picked this tulip variety for it’s name, it’s name and large, purple blooms softly edged in white. Such a unique looking variety and of course, dreamy.

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