8 Dreamy outdoor table setups for a paradise summer feel

Get your dining table outside and think of a dreamy setup and a themed garden or terrace party for you and you friends. Make the most out of summer with a gorgeous table decor and check out 8 dreamy outdoor table setups for a paradise summer feel:

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1. Tropical vibes

Indoor or outdoor a tropical theme for a summer party is always a good idea. Choose an exotic table cloth and think of nature inspired elements or some tropical plants and even an exotic home tree like a small orange or a lemon tree. As for the dishes, think of the color of nature or an Earthy color scheme and mix it with white and neutrals.

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2. Print mix

For a chic and romantic table setup that will pop up in your garden think of a dreamy print mix. Choose it for your table cloths and pillows and mix it with gorgeous fresh flowers. Make everything more magical with lights and candles and choose vintage or pottery inspired dishes mixed with fancy bottles and glasses.

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3. Romantic touches

Another romantic idea for your outdoor table setup is choosing romantic and soft shades such as pink or red paired with white or other pastels. Get creative and choose a chair mix for the table and also add dreamy roses, candles and lamps in this darling space.

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4. Farm chic look

A farm chic look is perfect for a lunch or dinner in the middle of nature. So, having this lovely style in mind you can think of a romantic picnic with a chic table cloth or blanket, delicious food and wine. If you want to set it up on a table think of dreamy woven chairs that will look just perfect in this farm chic scenario.

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5. Floral and navy look

Surround your terrace, garden or balcony with flowers and, then, make your table simply dreamy. Choose a sea inspired or navy theme and think of a pink, white and blue color theme for this table decor. Serve fresh food and just enjoy a summer’s sunset in this dreamy scenario.

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6. Vintage vibes

This looks amazing for a summer night in garden or just a balcony full of plants that you can light and make super magical with dreamy lights and candles. Choose vintage mixed chairs, a retro table and the dreamiest dishes and glasses you can think of and just enjoy a simple and chic dinner party.

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7. Simple white look

A dreamy garden or balcony all covered in white with white textile lamps will look simply amazing! Choose chic white table cloths, white dishes and elegant glasses that will make this setup simple yet sophisticated.

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8. An amazing weekend

Have an amazing weekend and just surround your table setup with the dreamiest lamps you can find. Also, choose the dreamy Riviera chairs for your table and decorate everything in an elegant way with candlesticks and white candles and also chic flowers, plates and glasses. Bon appetit!

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