How to Cut Marble Tile by Yourself

Marble Tile exponentially enhances the beauty of your house and looks excellent in bathrooms or kitchens. Occasionally a smaller piece of marble tile might be needed to fill in a gap. While adding beauty to your room with marble tile, it may seem expensive to hire someone else if you can simply do it yourself.  Learning how to cut marble tile will speed up your project as well as reduce costly mistakes. However, you cannot use ceramic cutting tools while cutting marble tiles.

You have to use a water saw. Cutting a marble tile with a water saw is suitable for both experts and beginners. It has simple operations, which is easy for beginners. Besides, this tool decreases the chance of probable damages. Since it is a specialized tool, the best way to get one is to rent it from a rental center, purchase it, or borrow it from a friend. Don’t forget to follow all instructions for using the water saw, including the use of appropriate protective glasses and gloves.

How to Cut Marble Tile with a Wet Saw

Tools and Materials

  • Wet saw
  • Damp cloth
  • Safety elements
  • Washable marker
  • Rubber gloves
  • Rubbing stone

Step 1: Collect All the Tools

Before starting an activity, you should make sure that you have all the tools necessary for the process. This avoids wasting time searching for an item after the work has begun. Also, this ensures that you have an alternative in case you use the wrong tool. Hence, it is supplementary to assemble all the tools and materials highlighted above.

Step 2: Take Measurements

This step is essential to cut a marble tile without breaking it. Make all the precise measurements on your marble tile with a washable marker to mark lines on the position you need to take a cut. The line should be very straight to avoid wasting the tile, which can be costly. If improperly marked, use a damp cloth to clean it. You may use a ruler for specific designs.

Step 3: Wear Safety Elements

You should use appropriate safety gear during this activity. Wear glasses to prevent small pieces of tile from entering your eyes. Also, rubber gloves help make your hand grip farmer. Handle the marble tile very carefully to avoid accidental cuts.

Step 4: Install the Wet Saw with a Diamond Blade

While installing a diamond blade on your water saw, you should be careful as this can cause very severe cuts. First, remove the existing blade from your water saw by unscrewing the existing nuts. After removing the nuts, place the diamond blade on the wet saw with the teeth facing the cutting direction. Then retighten the nuts and make sure they are tight enough to hold the diamond blade in place.

Step 5: Do the Cutting

Put your marble tile on the wet saw deck. Making sure the water sprayer is working, slowly lower the blade to cut the tile. You must entirely feed it in the saw. Make sure you are safe with gloves and glasses. Always keep your fingers away from a damp, rotating saw blade.

Step 6: Snip it

There will be small, distinct pieces along the edges of the cut marble tiles. Remove them with your tile scrapers by pressing hard enough to break these little pieces of marble tile.  Be careful, take your time to properly remove these parts.

Step: 7 Smoothen the Edges

A rubbing stone is essential for having smooth edges on your marble tile. Place the rubbing stone at a 45-degree angle on one edge. Rub slowly and carefully on all edges until they smoothen. This step requires a high level of attention to avoid breaking the tile or cutting your hands. Therefore, it’s a critical step.


Be aware that small pieces of marble can fly off and possibly penetrate clothing and even your skin. Don’t forget to read all of the instructions before using the saw. Also, the most essential note mentioned earlier is to always wear glasses and gloves to ensure safety when using the water saw.

Final Thought

Cutting a marble tile is a simple task with well-detailed instructions. This article explains how to cut marble tiles without chipping. It contains precautions to be taken, such as wearing glasses to prevent avoidable accidents. It is suitable for all DIY enthusiasts with steps to follow to have a clean cut.

Meta Description: Learning how to cut marble tile will speed up your project and reduce costly mistakes. In this article we’ll show you the right way to cut marble tiles.


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