5 Ingenious ways to use room dividers in your dreamy home

Room dividers are an ingenious way to make extra rooms and corners in your home, but also a good trick to hide the non attractive parts of your home. Using pieces of fabrics, wood or industrial dividers and these season’s trending screen room dividers made from nature inspired elements, here are 5 ingenious ways to use room dividers in your dreamy home:

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1. Transform and open space into two rooms

If you have just one room in your home or if you live in an open space studio apartment divide your bedroom from your living room with a dreamy room divider. The room you are hiding with the divider will feel intimate and cozy like a gorgeous budoir space. Also, this way you don’t have to worry about tidying up your bedroom when you have guests in the living room.

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2. Make a bed frame with one

If you have just a mattress in your home and you want to make a fancy bed out of it, you can add a screen room divider instead. It will look just as fabulous if you pick an elegant one with oriental motifs or a trendy rattan one. If you don’t add it to close the wall you can make a great storage space to hide different things from your bedroom.

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3. Emphasize on a style

If you want to make a space more authentic add a room divider in the same style. For, example if you want a space to feel more nature themed and looking like the outdoors use a bamboo room diver or rattan one. Add it in a relaxing area of your home like the dining space or a reading corner that’s decorated in the same style. Also, you can hide in its back the things in your home that don’t look that pretty like cleaning utensils.

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4. Under the stairs storage

If you have a home with stairs use that space to create an improvised pantry and hide it with an elegant or cool room divider that matches the style of your hallway. Also, a room diver its ideal in a hallway or entryway to add your going out clothes that usually make a room look crowded.

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5. Separate your office space

Since it’s sometimes hard to separate our work life from our personal life, make sure you have a special space for work that doesn’t interfere with your personal space. Choose an industrial and practical room divider you can also use as an inspiration board for your work. This way you will have your private home office that you can leave after finishing work.

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