7 Dreamy retro inspired spaces for a warm nostalgic season

Why do we love the retro style so much? Well, it’s sometimes because we wished we lived in different periods or time, another option is because we wish to live like vintage movie stars or because we just want class and elegance and this style really bring out these attributes. So, this season go retro and fabulous and add an elegant touch to your lovely home. Here are 7 dreamy retro inspired spaces for a warm nostalgic season:

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1. Pink paradise

Go retro and tropical and pair fabulous elements with fancy vintage inspired pieces. Match a dreamy velvet sofa with retro lamps, arty paintings and golden coffee tables. Make this space super tropical by adding the fresh pink and green color combo and by surrounding all the space with green oversized green plants.

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2. Retro love

Make a retro home corner for entertaining guests. Choose a retro table and match it with modern chairs that has a retro twist to them (the rattan ones are a must-have this season). Then, think of the dreamy vintage home bars and set up one on a retro cabinet or pick a bar cart. Choose elegant candlesticks, vintage bottles and tropical elements for your gorgeous bar setup.

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3. Retro, colorful and farmhouse inspired

Since the farmhouse kitchens are super popular right now, match this popular style with retro elements, this combo will look amazing! Add vintage touches of color in a neutral kitchen and let all the retro elements stand out with a pop or color or an original shape.

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4. Reading time

A reading corner will became an instant show stopper is you make it retro! Start with a velvet armchair and add around it a vintage themed gallery wall with inspiring pictures, painting or posters. Add also a retro inspired mirror and your favorite green plants.

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5. A bedroom’s tale

Make your bedroom a retro fairy tale. Start with a retro inspired chandelier, a cozy and chic bed and art deco mirrors and lamps. Choose a neutral color palette with gold touches and add oversized plants around this space.

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6. Retro its simple

Retro can be simple to build in a room of your home so mix ant match the retro style with the simple and Scandinavian style. Pair a retro inspired velvet sofa with a lot of green plants and nature inspired deco elements, lamps and mirrors and you will have a relaxing oasis in your own living room.

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7. Retro pampering corner

Make time for you and make a retro inspired pampering corner in your bedroom. Choose a vintage vanity and the prettiest vintage inspired velvet chairs and you will already love this corner. Choose a pastel color palette, add artsy framed pictures, fresh flowers and a vintage inspired mirror.

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