5 practical build-in window seating ideas with storage

The build-in seating is one of the most popular trends in 2020 and we absolutely adore it, because it adds character to the room and offers a cozy reading niche. These fun-architectural details not only look good, but they also an excellent space-saving technique.

So, here are 5 practical build-in window seating ideas with storage that we love:


1.Space underneath 

Practical choices regarding furniture mean more space in your home. A way to do this is to go with furniture that doubles up as storage. For instance, these bookshelves double as window seating; only add a few cushions and pillows and it’s all set!


2. Storage on the vertical

This hallway passthrough is a space with a lot of function having two bookshelves on either sides.The green wall is creating a beautiful contrast with the pink seating area and the pillows with different patterns bring some balance to it. The modern light and the geometric rug bring the perfect balance to the space.


3. Suspended shelves

This bright and cozy set-up for a spacious room with a stylish build-in seating made around a window provides both a place to relax and room for storage on the suspended shelves. The seating space is made comfortable with the addition of a mattress and some cushions in different sizes and patterns.


4.Corner seating

Corners can become the perfect lounging area by the window. The corner seating provides more space where you can curl up and adding open shelves on one of the wall is an ideal option for storage. A great place to retreat to!


5.Glamorous and Cozy

A glamorous composition of furniture in a cozy guest room with a bed and canopy custom made. The red curtains and walls and the mid-century bookshelves takes you back to old Hollywood glam era.


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