5 Dreamy ways to add lights in your balcony

Make your balcony dreamy and magical with a lot of lights. You can add as many as you wish and a have night to remember on your own balcony or terrace. To help you out in decorating this lovely space, here are 5 dreamy ways to add lights in your balcony:

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1. Decorate the ceiling with them

This is the most magical idea you can think of. You will need a lot of tiny lights for it, the ones you usually use on Christmas. Add them all over your ceiling or let them fall. Together with some cozy elements. a bohemian, Scandinavian or Moroccan themed terrace they will look just perfect!

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2. Add them on a wall or more

If you have an empty wall on your balcony or terrace paint it in a shade you really love. Then, decorate it with as many dreamy lights as you wish. You can match these lights with different kinds of decor elements. Make this setup super cozy and magical with pillows, covers, rugs and a lot of white candles.

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3. Hang them on your balcony grill

This ideas is super romantic and it’s perfect for the kind of balcony that has grills. But you can also add them on the exterior side of your balcony even it you have wall or glass. Make everything super romantic with dreamy flowers and plants and also with elegant long candles.

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4. Let them fall from the ceiling

Get inspired by the festival scenery and hang your lights all around your balcony, Let them hang from the ceiling and match them with tiny flags on a string for a festival look. Also, use tree branches and oversized plants to make a festival decor with lights. Make everything more dreamy and nature themed with a lot of green plants in different sizes and lovely white candles.

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5. Add them around a ladder

A ladder can make you super creative so get one also for your balcony! Start decorating it with flowers or paint it in a shade that will match your balcony decor. Moreover, for a magical effect, decorate it with big lights and make it the center piece or your dreamy balcony.

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