5 dreamy backyard cinema theaters for outdoor entertaining

It’s almost summer, so we’re already planning to spend a lot of time outdoors and that also means preparing our backyards for this wonderful season. If you’re looking for new creative ideas that would be enjoyable for both your family and friends, backyard cinema theaters are always a great option. That includes some comfortable furnishings, ambient lighting, inviting fire pits or even flooring ideas.

So, here are 5 dreamy backyard cinema theaters for outdoor entertaining:  


1. Wall as a support

Make the most of summer nights by hosting an open-air movie night in your own backyard. You only need a white sheet affixed to a wall of your house, a projector connected to an HDMI cable, speakers and add some globe lights for ambiance, blankets and pillows for comfort.


2. Cozy patio

This backyard patio featured a wood deck with comfortable seating to enjoy outdoor movie watching. Add some blankets and hard-knit throws for cozy warmth and don’t forget about the lights and candles.


3.Projection screen

This backyard is transformed into a true dreamy set up. It features a large projection screen, a wooden floor and a cool seating area with a large corner sofa and comfy chairs. The globe lights and the candles all around complete the scenery.


4.Do some DIY

For this you’ll have to sew two sheets together with a white tread along the longer side so it forms a tube, take a pole and insert it.  Then you can take some rope and attach it to the ends of the pole so it can be hung from the trees. Add some boho lights and pillows and enjoy the DIY movie theater!


5. Covered deck

A screen paint and a projector make the perfect pair in this backyard set up. The covered deck offers intimacy and the seating area and the lighting provide cozyness.


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