5 Economical Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal

How many times have you found yourself casually commenting on the curb appeal of various houses that you pass on the street? The way your house appears from the street in fact, determines the first impression that any viewer will have of your property as well as the personality of the residents. Moreover, if the property is being used as an investment, an appealing outlook can drastically increase its value, and thereby help you make a generous profit.

Here are some tried and tested methods that you can employ to achieve a stunning house:

1. Go green

Nature has its unique way of appealing to human senses. When incorporated with the otherwise bland and boring house exterior, it can do wonders for your property’s outlook. In case your house has no lawn, transform some of the paved outdoor area into a soft landscape. On the contrary, if the lawn exists, you will need to spice it up with regular maintenance and creative ideas.

First off, make sure you manicure the lawn with a lawnmower, once in a while. Secondly, you would want your home to be bursting with colors, and the best way to do so is plant a variety of native flowers. Technically speaking, a DIY lawn maintenance would come free of cost. Even if you hire professional services, the chances of exceeding your budget are rare.

2. Install a mailbox

The digitalization of the world might have you forgetting about the mailbox in front of your house, however it can be the very first thing that the onlookers view from across the street. So if you have no mailbox, install one as soon as possible. After all, a normal mailbox will generally be pretty light on your pocket. There are plenty of options available for every price range like these from Budget Mailboxes. If however, you already have a mailbox, make sure to give it a newer look.

Remember the fact that your mailbox, just like the façade of your house, is reminiscent of your personality. So, you would naturally be needing to give it a look that goes not only with your house’s exterior, but also with your personality.

3. Clean up the mess

A dirty, messed up entrance into your house will undoubtedly prove to be a major setback for the potential buyers or simple viewers even. You need to get that house back in shape without wasting time. Start with clearing out the mess; see if the roof is in need of repairs. Are there shingles or tiles missing? Do you find remnants of moss and algae attack up there? Also check the chimneys for the possibility of wear and tear, and get it fixed.

No offense, but you would need to get those gutters cleaned out too, in case they overspill their contents and put on a rather gross sight. A pressure wash can further help to clean off the stubborn dirt and grime that might be sticking to your house’s exterior.  

4. Add state of the art light fixtures

However stunning your house’s exterior might be, without adequate light it’s just a blank canvas! You need to put the facade out on display, and for that you should be making an effort to highlight those elements which you consider the best. There is no better way to do so than by installing state of the art light fixtures that add to the curb appeal of your house.

Since the modern light fixtures can end up getting pretty expensive, thereby exceeding your budget, you can however go for vintage light fixtures. With a variety of cool designs available at a rather affordable price, you can give your house an uplift at a cheaper price. Play around with some dramatic light effects which makes your house picture perfect.

5. Redo the driveway

Driveways hurt your house outlook the most when they begin to show signs of wear and tear. Your rather boring and dull asphalt driveway would become an appalling sight with cracks running through the length of it. What you need to do is give your driveway a major makeover. Remember, the driveway is the well-defined path that you want people to move through in order to get to your house. It therefore makes or breaks the reputation of your house.

In order to make it look better, you can play with some lightning fixtures and dramatize its effect. Try changing the material if it isn’t too costly for you. Or you can simply reseal the driveway wherever the cracks appear and then add a varied border to it. 

By taking care of these few factors, you can make sure your house gets to turn heads in awe. Since the methods mentioned above are quite possible through the DIY methods, creating a curb appeal won’t leave you bankrupt!

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