Make your bathroom romantic in 6 easy steps

Keep the romance alive … at least in your dreamy bathroom! Staying home more gives you the perfect reason to relax and enjoy a long bath. Make this scenario more romantic and dreamy.  Here are 6 easy steps to transform your bathroom in a space filled with romance:

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1. Make it romantic and … Fabulous!

A romantic setup is often synonymous with a fabulous one. Start with a chandelier or a gorgeous vintage mirror and, then, decorate everything with other golden elements your favorite flowers and green plants. Keep everything in  a darling retro vibe and add vintage inspired bathroom containers.

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2. Read a book and add a special tray for this romantic hobby

Take a long bath the proper way. Decorate your bathtub with a tray and add your favorite books, candles and pampering bathroom products. Also, decorate your bathroom with artistic framed pictures, green plants and flowers. Isn’t that romantic?

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3. Dream of plants

A bathroom filled with oversized plants that makes this space look like nature can be as romantic as a tropical vacation. Add also dreamy lights around the space, white candles and just enjoy a relaxing day at home!

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4. Decorate this space with fresh flowers

Flowers are as romantic as they can possibly be, so choose a french inspired bathroom filled with flowers. This space will look amazing and pretty romantic. As for the perfect flowers you can choose for this dreamy space, pick peonies, lilac and small roses, they will work out just lovely in here!

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5. Choose a retro bathtub

To get the perfect romantic bathroom start with a gorgeous retro bathtub. Then, math it with elegant cabinets, a retro inspired wallpaper and the perfect retro lamps. It will feel like going through a time capsule in a romantic time period.

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6. Set the mood!

Set the mood in your bathroom space with scented candles. Add as many as you wish and mix them with dreamy and retro looking bathroom products. Add a pampering tray with your bath essential products and finish up this space with stylish green plants.

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