7 Dreamy ways to decorate your home with flowers

In the spring season we want our home filled with flowers. And why not? Flowers bring that fresh and dreamy vibe a home needs during the warm period, but also they bring us close to nature. And because now we stay more at home, let’s bring that beauty and joy we need through flowers. Here are seven dreamy ways to decorate your home with the lovely flowers:

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1. Work from home

Working in a pretty environment can help the productivity and also having beautiful fresh spring flowers will make your work more enjoyable. So, pick your favorite flowers, add them in a fabulous vase and place them in the corner of your home you work most often in. Decorate the space also with different kinds of green and colorful plants and also framed art and pictures in daring shades.

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2. The dreamy cabinet

Give a fresh and new note to your cabinet with gorgeous spring flowers added in a neutral vase. Make this cabinet super artsy and stylish and mix the dreamy flowers with a retro inspired lamp, colorful posters and creative deco elements, all in retro shades.

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3. Spring’s corner

This season you have to have at least one spring corner in your dreamy home. Add it in your living room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway for even balcony and make the flowers the stars of it. Add them in an artistic vase and surround them with colorful framed pictures, your favorite books and a magic lamp.

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4. Let’s dine

If you have a dining area in your dreamy home make sure you decorate it with fresh flowers. Also, make this area looking like a gorgeous coffee shop or pub and surround your dining table with artsy framed pictures, cool magazines, a relaxing lamp and cozy covers.



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5. Kitchen and flowers

Flowers look absolutely gorgeous in your kitchen space. They make you want to spend more time in your kitchen to cook, dine or just enjoy this space. So, choose colorful flowers that will make a great contrast with a neutral kitchen and add as many as you wish in cute jars, vases or bowls.

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6. Shabby and glam

Peonies, roses, lilac and a lot of pink or violet flowers look super shabby when you decorate your home with them. So pair them with glam and retro inspired elements like a golden mirror or a retro lamp and decorate a bedroom vanity with them. Start a pampering day in a fresh note and see the beauty in flowers meanwhile you do you make-up or skin care ritual.

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7. French vibe

Finally, don’t forget your lovely windows, your day will brighten up if you decorate your window sills with them. So, make a gorgeous nook around them and fill it with artsy framed photos, your must-read books and a chic lamp that will match the flowers you choose. Have fun reading!

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