6 Gorgeous ways to style the exotic Acapulco chair to give a tropical vibe to you home

These sunny days make us want to bring the outdoors in our homes, therefore the tropical vibe will easily make your home feel like a trendy terrace. Speaking of tropical, we thought that the Acapulco chairs are a fun and exotic element to have in your homes, balconies or terraces, bringing you an instant vacation vibe.

Designed in Mexico, over 60 years ago, the Acapulco chair has an egg shape that makes it look cozy, relaxing and perfect for a lazy sunny season. So, here are six gorgeous ways to style the exotic Acapulco chair to give a tropical vibe to you home:

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1. Happy Spring!

In the Spring season we tend to make our home more colorful and optimistic. And this is how it should be, even if you adore a neutral home, some small accents of color will only bring some joy into your home. So, pick a colorful Acapulco chair and pair it with colorful pillows or deco elements. Also, add a neutral cover on your Acapulco chair, like a dreamy furry one to make it blend in with the rest of the room.


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2. Californian chic accents

The artsy elements pair up just great with the summerish Californian chic style. So besides a colorful Acapulco chair, choose colorful furniture or decorate it with bold prints and match these happy elements with artsy deco elements and framed pictures. You will love this joyful and tropical result!

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3. Relaxing moments

Because this chair looks so relaxing, it’s great for a chill out corner in your home, where you can think, plan ahead, socialize with friends or read. Pair ti with a exotic inspired pillow in a gorgeous color and make the whole setul very exotic with oversized green plants and framed pictures with bold colors and tropical landscapes.

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4. Eclectic life

When you think eclectic, you immediately think colorful and this season think also exotic! Decorate your exotic space with colorful Acapulco chairs, oversized green plants and add colors all around the space. As for the deco touches, think very artistic and also think about the sunny season and decorate the room with deco object that look like souvenirs from different tropical trips.

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5. Bohemian look

The Acapulco chair is super versatile, especially if you pick one in black or white. Match it in any kind of home decor, but this season go for a bohemian look that’s perfect for the sunny days. Therefore, pair your dreamy Acapulco chair with green plants, neutral deco elements, nature inspired furniture and magic lights.

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6. Make a home jungle around it

With a tropical shape and available in all the daring and exotic colors you can think about, the Acapulco chair will look amazing with a lot of green plants around it, in a corner of your home, in your balcony or terrace. This way you will have that jungle inspired corner at home that will help you feel like being in the nature, even when you don’t have the chance.

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