10 Easy ways to tidy up your home this season

Any new season and any free time gives us the perfect reason to tidy and maintain our home clean. Get organized, creative, think wise and keep your home tidy every day! Here are ten easy ways to tidy up your home this season:

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1. Keep an order the most frequently used spaces and the new daily items

From mail, to notes, random papers, offers or documents, the small items we end up every day keep on making most of the mess in our home. And a tiny mess can transform into a big one if we don’t arrange everything daily. So, start or end each day keeping in order the most frequently uses spaces of your home, because spaces like a table, a coffee table or a cabinet can get filled with all sorts of unnecessary elements.

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2. Organize a room per day

If you want to begin the big ”Spring cleaning” start with a room per day. Find a period of time when you don’t have to work, and start organizing and tidying up room by room. Sort everything in that room, get rig of unnecessary elements and then, organize everything. Last but not least, make everything clean and shiny!

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3. Then, play to organize a couple or drawers or cabinets a day

After we clean up the surface of every room and the items we see, is time to get really organized and start with the hidden items. Yes, its time for the drawers and cabinets! Star with one or two by day and organize them. Also, by doing this you can make extra storage room.

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4. Think of creative storage solutions

For every room that holds a lot of products and small elements like the kitchen or bathroom you need cool and creative storage solutions. Having everything sorted out and really organized will help you find the items you need easier, see better everything you have and also it will help you keep a space tidy.

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5. Create a miscellaneous storage solution

Of course it’s not easy to sort everything out, sometimes there are a lot of products that don’t have a certain category or are too little to fit an entire storage box. That’s why every room will need a miscellaneous storage solution that will help you keep every room tidy.

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6. Buy things only if you really need them

Buying a lot of unnecessary items will make our home look crowded, disorganized and messy. That’s why every time you go shopping or want to make an order online, think a lot about the products you end up buying. Ask yourself three questions: ”Do I really need it?”, ”Do I have room for it?” and last but not least, ”Does it match the style of my home?”.

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7. Buy a new thing or two and get rid of the same amount of items

Another great way to keep your home tidy, clutter free and organized is buying one product and getting rid of another one. That’s a great process especially for you clothes, deco elements, kitchen utensil or dishes. Think about things you don’t really use or want anymore or things that are used up. This way you will have room for new stuff and you won’t feel overwhelmed by all of them.

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8. Separate your clothes every day

Let’s get to the laundry part or the part of your bedroom where you toss everyday the clothes you wear during the day. To make your bedroom or bathroom tidy every day, make a habit of sorting your clothes at the end of every day!

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9. Wash your dishes daily

Besides dirty clothes, another pile that makes our home unorganized and messy is the dish pile. And I’m telling you, having less dishes to wash every time will make you happier. But how you can do that? Well, nothing easier, all you have to fo is wash your dishes after every meal or at the end of every day.

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10. Think that any clean and tidy space deserves dreamy plants or spring flowers

After all this cleaning and organizing it’s time to make your home dreamy and spring themed. That’s why you have to reward every clean and free space with a dreamy vase filled with the most beautiful spring flowers and really admire your clean home.

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