7 Gorgeous woven cabinets you will be smitten with this season

Taking a walk back to nature’s roots, this season the woven elements are in top making you more aware of nature and giving you its calm vibe into your dreamy home. Speaking of woven, the new dreamy cabinets made from these nature inspired fabrics look absolutely amazing and we definitely recommend them for the warm season. So, check out six gorgeous woven cabinets you will be smitten with this season:

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1. Retro mood

The rattan cabinets look classy, elegant and super retro so they will look fantastic in a retro, artsy and also modern home. In that note, pair them with line art and artsy or abstract framed pictures and the new trendy miniature sculptures and pottery vases.

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2. Modern vibe

Because this new year highlights the rounds shades of the ’20, reinvented in the ’80, consider a round shaped cabinet with rattan or raffia details. Beige and black are a fantastic combo when it comes to woven cabinets making them very elegant, classy and also giving them a touch of masculinity. Also, to make this kind of cabinet more glam, pair it with golden details and retro inspired deco elements.



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3. Classy & elegant

Make a woven cabinet the star of your home and create around it an artsy and elegant corner that will make any room truly dreamy. Match it with neutral and abstract framed pictures, flowers and very creative items like a stylish vase, bowl or miniature sculpture.

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4. Boho look

A woven cabinet will give that fresh and nature inspired vibe a bohemian space really needs. Make this space more tropical with oversized green plants and neutral covers and rugs and also more glam with abstract pictures in bold colors and golden elements.


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5. Calm day

Make a relaxing space by decorating it with a woven cabinet that goes perfect with calm and neutral elements. Mix it with reed, nature inspired deco elements, candles, magic lights, cozy covers and rugs and anything that can make you more relaxed. Don’t forget to pick an all neutral color scheme that will bring a balanced look in this room.

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6. Nature inspiration

Woven elements have a strong connection with nature, so pair your dreamy woven cabinet with a small home jungle. Pick green and exotic plants and also frame pictures that show plants, nature. landscapes or animals and surround the cabinet with them.

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7. Touristic approach

Make a touristic inspired corner in your home and surround a woven cabinet with oversized green plants and souvenirs. Also, add retro themed deco elements, abstract painting in an Earthy color scheme and dreamy maps that will help you plan your future trips.

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