8 Ways A Chainsaw Can Be Used For Gardening

Have you ever imagined using a chainsaw for gardening? If not, then sit tight to know all the ways you can use a chainsaw in gardening. There is a lot to experiment with a chainsaw for home and professional uses. A chainsaw is a portable mechanical saw. It has two major parts- a saw blade and an engine. The saw blade has sharp teeth and moves around the metal glide with the help of engine power.

The chainsaw engine can be either an electric or two-stroke gasoline engine. The electric engines can be powered either by a cord or by batteries. A chainsaw can differ in terms of bar length, engine power, adjustable chain tensioning and many more. It is indeed one of the best woodworking toolkit to prune any large trees.

Chainsaw for Gardening

There are plenty of ways to use chainsaws for gardening. More importantly, you can do it all on your own.

  1. DIY Projects

You can use a chainsaw to build wooden tables and chairs to give your lawn an earthy and eco-friendly touch. Other than that, you can prepare rustic shelves, candle holders, bird feeders, storage crates, and a lot more to decorate the garden. You will find tons of different designs and DIY ideas online. There is a distinct joy in building your own garden furniture!

  1. Cutting Branches

If your garden is surrounded by large trees and prevents the morning sun rays from reaching your patio, then it’s time to cut some branches. You can use those branches for other projects like furniture, woodcraft or maybe at the barbecue party. So, a chainsaw can also help you to reshape your garden surroundings.

  1. Log Benches

This can be the most attractive and simplest of all garden decorations. Make the best use of the log by trimming them into measured pieces. Slice one side of the log to flat planes so that people can easily sit on it. Make sure that the flat side is smooth enough to sit. For that use sandpapers and stain them with wood color.

If the log is not thick enough then try two or three of them. Make at least two leg pieces and join them with the top log. To join two different log pieces you can use large size nails or screws.

Make sure they are smoothed out completely to avoid scratches or torn clothing. . Other than that, for large and heavy logs you can cut them in angle and set the bench.

  1. Garden Fence

This can be another excellent use of chainsaws to make garden fences by using trees. This eco-friendly option gives a better countryside look to your garden and protects your yard and garden from all sorts of intruders.

Because wood captures moistures, so it can degrade or swell in no time. To prevent such problems use latex paint formulas over fences. That can be more colorful and decorative to your garden. Other than fences, you can also use chainsaws to build planter boxes. That allows us to make specific gardens like a veggie garden or an herb garden in a more organized stylish way.

  1. Bird Feeder

A bird feeder can make your garden more lively and joyous. Cut a thin log to 2 meters height and join a bird feeder over it. You can make a bird feeder of your own. There are tons of designs on the internet.

Other than that, the simplest is to slice planks and join them into a box. Add plexiglass to one side so that you can keep an eye on how much  seed is left in the feeder. Color the feeder to make it durable in all weather conditions. Besides, you can add an additional wooden pot as a bird bath.

  1. Wooden Plumbing Pipes

You can add wooden plumbing pipes in some areas of your garden. That will bring a vintage and artsy look to your patio. You can design it along with metal pipes. Also, you can color it or use craft works to make things more visually appealing.

Other than that, these pipes can work more like a trellis. You can plant climbing roses, clematis or other flowering plants to entice your garden.

  1. Open Door Bookshelf

Reading the best selling thriller while sipping a cozy drink are just some of our finest joys on a stay-at-home weekend. . What if you made an open door bookshelf and placed it in any corner of your garden. So, a chainsaw can once again play a big role in it. You can cut logs into measured pieces and join them to make a stylish bookshelf. Adding some flower vases or small flower pots can turn the reading nook into a perfect little garden oasis.

  1. Dog House

Chainsaw can come really handy if you want to build a dog house for your pooch to rest and seek shelter in the garden. Making your own dog house is no big deal when you are master in the use of a chainsaw. All you need is to trim a tree and make planks of 2 inches thickness. Now, cut them with measured length and join them according to your design. If curving is required, use a miter saw for more perfection.

Thumb Rules of Using a Chainsaw

If you are a newbie, then you need to learn some basics of how to use a chainsaw before you dare touch that dangerous tool. Here you go!

  1. Use of gloves, eye protection, earplugs and boots for safety purposes.
  2. Stand one foot apart to get the right balance. You should put the left foot slightly in front of the right for comfortable trimming.
  3. It is better not to work with a curved spine rather bend on your knees.
  4. Your thumbs and fingers should wrap around handles. Make sure you maintain a steady grip on both handles of the saw.
  5. It is recommended to hold the thumb of your left hand under the front handle. This reduced any chance of kickback.
  6. You should maintain a safe distance of three meters from people while operating a chainsaw.
  7. If the bottom of the bar stops suddenly then immediately draw it forward.
  8. Make sure the chain oil is adequate before you start sawing.
  9. Do not use an electric chainsaw during rain or in a damp area.
  10. Never use the tip for cutting.
  11. It is better not to use a chainsaw above shoulder height.
  12. If possible work with a partner.

A chainsaw is a very handy power tool. You can use it to remodel your garden into the oasis of your dreams for hours of relaxation and lounging. Try the ideas listed above and watch yourself create!

Photo by Viktor Mogilat from Pexels

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