6 fun ideas on how to decorate with terrazzo

Another big trend of 2020 is terrazzo, now found in all kinds of interior disciplines, from floors to kitchen countertops. The history of terrazzo goes back a hundred years, starting its procession in Italy. It is said that Venetian constructors began to combine waste of expensive marble they got with plain clay to create inexpensive flooring and so the broken chips of marble gained value. The terrazzo style is very appealing because of the variety of natural stones and colorful chips used for different surfaces.

So, here are 6 fun ideas on how to decorate with terrazzo:


1.Terrazzo floor

If you want to bring a bit of playfulness in a dusty pink kitchen, terrazzo is the way. The details will cheer up the space and create a fun environment!


2. Sink details

In an all white kitchen, bring a spark of joy with a terrazzo sink and countertop. This small detail will make all the difference and it’s perfect for the minimalists who want to keep their visual clutter to the minimum.


3. Bathroom floor

Terrazzo can also be used in decorating your bathroom. This millenial pink and white combo are perfectly completed by the terrazzo floor.


4. Terrazzo table

If you love the terrazzo pattern, but don’t want to make a big change in your home interior you can always opt for a round kitchen table with details like granite, marble or quartz that will bring the 70s vibe in your kitchen.


5. Kitchen island

An eye-catching element in your kitchen would be this curved counter. The kitchen island has a cream base to highlight large chunks of strongly colored marble and also neutral chippings. Tres chic!


6. A splash of color

Creating the kitchen you like is essential because is one of the rooms you spend most of the time in. The natural wood and the white cabinets would have been dull if not for the colorful terrazzo addition, so the result is eye candy!


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