These Are The Most Common Bathroom Design Mistakes

There are hundreds of details that need to be considered when you start a bathroom remodeling project. Due to this, it is so simple to overlook some aspects that seem very small but that can have some huge consequences in the future. Unfortunately, numerous mistakes are made during bathroom design planning stages.

Those that cause the most problems in the future are presented below. While when you have a bathroom-related problem you can call plumbers to handle tasks like shower leak detection Melbourne, when you have a design problem, it will not be fixable without a serious financial investment.

No Window Present

Most bathrooms are situated on exterior walls because this allows the presence of a window. Natural light is absolutely always a psychological comfort we want inside the room. Having a window also helps improve air circulation, which you do not realize is important until you do not have it. When the wall window cannot be added, a solar tube or a skylight can be installed. This still offers a connection to natural light.

An Exposed Bathroom

It is always a really bad thing to sit in a dining room and see anyone in the bathroom as the door opens. This sight is not appetizing but it is so much more common than what many believe. The bathroom interior should never be in sight from other rooms in the home.

As the new bathroom is planned, look at sightlines from other house areas. Whenever necessary, make changes. When the powder room or bathroom is already in place, install a door that is attractive and make sure it is always closed.

Having The Toilet Center Stage

When you open the door to your bathroom, you should never have the toilet as the very first thing you see. Whenever there is enough space present, use water closets or partition walls. When the bathroom is smaller, use design techniques or properly plan the layout so that your eyes first notice something else, not the toilet.

Too Much Focus On Style

When the new bathroom looks stunning but does not properly function, you will not have a great time using it. The bathroom needs to meet all the specific needs you have and has to be built with the use of high-quality materials. This is so much more important than having impressive looks. Always work with the designer that can carefully review and plan all bathroom details. This can be the difference between a great bathroom and just one that looks beautiful but does not function well.

Inadequate Storage

This is a mistake that often appears connected with the one mentioned in regards to style. When there is no space available for the items that you actually need inside the bathroom, it is easy to become annoyed. You can use tricks to fix inadequate storage problems but they are almost always unappealing from a visual point of view.

Before you finalize your bathroom design plans, you have to be 100% sure that you have everything that is needed for you to have a bathroom that is as functional as possible.

Photo by Jean van der Meulen from Pexels

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