5 macrame wall pieces for boho fans

The history of macrame starts in ancient times from Babylonians and Assyrians and later it is dated in the 13th century in Arab culture. With the Moorish conquest, the technique traveled to Spain and from here it spread to the rest of Europe. The style became popular again in the 70s, when macrame technique was used for clothes, jewelries, wall hangings and other items. Nowadays, the accent is on natural and recycled items and the design is more refined and subtle.

So, if you’re a fan of macrame and you want to integrate it in interior design, here are 5 wall pieces for your home: 


1. Above the bed

The trend had a revival due to social media when interior designers started hanging macrames on the walls for their photos. People’s interest started growing and one of our favorite places to hand the pieces is above the bed, because it gives it a dreamy vibe. 


2. Office space

Productivity is highly influenced by many factors like light, order, the table and the chair ergonomics and, of course, the decorations. A wall macrame in earthy tones brings a calming touch and sparks creativity in the same time.


3. Macrame curtain

A creative and original way to delimit the spaces is by adding this macrame curtain. This design imitates a waterfall, creating a soothing overall effect.


4. Practical purpose

The macrame can also serve as a hanging shelf where you can store a few books and a plant and, besides the aesthetic purpose, it can also be a practical object. 


5. Moroccan style

Given the fact that macrame was invented in the Orient, this basically means back to origins. Adding an eye-catching piece to fill an empty wall space, in combination with the wood console, the leather ottoman and matching rug, creates a perfect ensemble.


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